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  1. My former employer informed me about a random drug test a couple hours after he received the email instructing me to report within the hour, my prior knowledge of testing policy had red flags flying at that time. I refused to take it and was terminated. The DER went and shared the details of the incident with another company that was working at the job site. I confronted him and also reported it to HR. Hr was supposed to investigate and get back to me with a response on that and also furnish me with the documentation from the third party that does the random selection. I did not get the response on the confidential info being told, but HR did furnish a supposed list of random selection that has my name on it along with the wrong date. I had good reason to believe that they were trying to fire me because of a wage issue. What type of law does this fall under. Several lawyers have said that it is not discrimination. I want to pursue the issue because they also told me that I would be blacklisted from working near there again. Any guidence will help.
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