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  1. Im an administrator (middle management) at a NYC health facility (HHC), My staff and I are located in the basement and have been exposed to black mold, peeling paint and fumes. I have e-mails that go back to 2009, requesting repairs, and mold inspections, I've sent e-mails with pictures of the black mold and hazardous conditions. Two years ago my staff wrote a letter to the upper administration complaining of the fumes and conditions of the facility, but the conditions are getting worse. Now, 3 years later half of my staff and I are suffering from respiratory issues, and rashes. I myself have been diagnosed with asthma, I've loss my sense of smell, constantly congested and developed sleep apnea. Do we have a case? Should we just apply for workers comp? I was told it was difficult to sue the city as employee. AT this point we're desperate, I would resign but NOW I need the insurance. What are my options?
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