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  1. @Tax_Council: Although the SNAP website may say that there are citizenship requirements for food stamps, the federal government has been steadfast in their outreach efforts to illegal immigrants - making sure they know, in Spanish of course, that they can get food stamps and their immigration status will not be checked. Ref: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/04/26/USDA-to-Illegal-Immigrants-You-Can-Qualify-for-Food-Stamps It seems to me that citizens must have some recourse through the US v Butler decision that provided Congress can only exercise taxes "to provide for the general welfare of the United States". It would seem, to me at least, that financially burdening US citizens with feeding/educating/healing/etc. etc. criminals from other countries in fact harms the general welfare of US citizens, on many levels. @FindLaw_AHK: I have sent correspondence to my state and local officials on numerous occasions, trying to get some type of voter ID law put into place and attempting to stop the criminal hike in my taxes used to provide election materials in 6 different languages. I figured, if we stopped inviting illegal aliens to have a say in our policies then we would not have anyone voting for these abusive punishments of the law-abiding, tax paying citizen. Unfortunately, I live in Southern California, in a city that is almost 50% Hispanic, and none of my law makers have the guts to go against these potential votes, even if to protect the legal citizens that pay their salaries.
  2. Yes, I understand democracy. However, I am uncertain as to how many Americans are aware that illegal aliens are eligible for the social services that our tax dollars are paying for... As the government implies that our welfare state is for the sustainment of actual Americans. Is there no code dictating that our tax dollars should be used to advance our own citizens? How can it be legally justifiable to force US citizens to provide a free ride to criminals from other countries?
  3. Is it possible to sue the federal and/or state & community government(s) for tax fraud or theft for taxing its law-abiding citizens to provide health care, food, education, housing, and numerous other services for illegal aliens? Is there any way to refuse to fund these services?
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