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  1. The reason for my question is that my oldest brother and my youngest brother got into a fight and my oldest brother had charges put against my youngest brother even though my oldest brother started and my youngest brother did ever thing he could to not fight him. My youngest brother is on probation so that is y he didn't want to fight him and plus it was his brother. Well my youngest brother is in jail they have not revoked his probation yet but he can not get out on bond . we have had two preliminary hearing and they have been continued . My oldest brother has already meet with the state and told them what he wanted but now he wants to drop everything cause of the grief he has brought to the family and pulse he has realized that he was the problem . Can the charges be dropped even if he has already made a statement and all. Thank you Rose Barron
  2. I am wondering my brother was indicted in feb on serveral charges and now his trial date has been set actually several . We live in Jefferson county wv . My question is we have heard that some of the people that gave the statements to the prosecutor have moved away from the area can the prosecutor still use the statements in court with out the witnesses being there . This finding is what we have heard through the grapevine so I am not sure it is true that they have moved or not but I am curious to know . I would think they need to be there to be cross examined by my brothers lawyer. I am also wondering how so many people can give so many different statements to what actually happened and it still be held as information against my brother none of the statements are close at all. Thank You
  3. my brother was indicted and now he is going to trial but we found out that some of the witness have moved away can the proscuter still use the statements in court if they do not show up

  4. they judge set a date for a status hearing and then after that it goes to a pretrial and to trial so what I am asking is what does he mean by status
  5. I just got back from my brother arraignment and several things I don't understand . He pleaded not guilty and passed on a speedy trial per his lawyer advice which I understand that but now he has three dates one is for : Status ? and one is for pretrial, and than the trial . I also was wondering what the (discovery) means in the court ? I am thinking evidence but I could be wrong. We live in Jefferson county Wv. Thank You
  6. My brother just got indicted after almost a year in jail and now he goes for an arraignment which has been postponed once and maybe again for bad weather. I am wondering what happens at the arraignment and another question is if he has only seen his lawyer 3 times the whole time he has been in there and his wife finally talked to him two weeks ago when he himself got the news for indictment and promise's to go see him and has not and the arraignment is Monday . I was told that if my brother feels he didn"t represent him the way he should have than it could lead to a mistrial or something of that nature . My brother has wrote him and his wife also this whole time no answer . My brother finds out from another inmate that is being charged with my brother about the arraignment being canceled and the indictment cause that guys lawyer keeps him informed and my brother doesn't. The not knowing is really working on my brother he knows he is guilty of some of the charges but he can't talk to his lawyer to find out what he planning to do to help him.
  7. But almost waiting three years doesn't that look bad on the plaintiff . I mean it isn't like my brother was out of the country and if he would have produced the amount for his medical it would have gotten paid but the plaintiff wouldn't and my brother kept asking until he just gave up. Do u think he might get charged with the lesser assault since he has never been in trouble and possible get out on his own instead of bonding him out when it is set and is it in his best interest to ask for a speedy trial
  8. I am wondering how long u have to file charges on a person the reason I am asking is because my brother got in a fight back in the summer of 2011 he was being harassed by the dud on the job and found out he had slept with his ex wife and on a Friday evening while they we're waiting to get their checks the guy starting harassing my brother again and my brother told him he was tired of hearing it and to back off will the guy didn't and he kept on and my brother pushed him and they started fighting and the other guy got the worst end of it and was hospitalized for a while. My brother has never been in trouble and what he did was unexcuseable and he regretted it ever happening and later him the guy talked and kept working together until they we're laid off. My brother told him he would pay for medical but he never showed him the bills so he never gave him any thing. my brother has lived in the same place for the last 5 years and is a register voter and all . the cops came to my mom house last week looking for him but he was at work and we called him on the job and he went and turned himself in but was confused so now he is in jail in wv waiting to be transferred to md . They have him on first and second degree assault no bond and a fugitive from justice so I am wondering how this could be after all this time
  9. If I am found not quiltie on my charges can I come back and press charges on my acusser
  10. I am wondering how long do u have before the statue of limitations run out when you are in jail the charges are -aiding and bidding kidnapping and Malicious wounding . Have already been to preliminary hearing now waiting on going before the judge for ( can't remember the name of it ). we live in wv
  11. I am wondering if this is legal . This person came up for bond hearing and the victims mother was there and she wrote a note gave it to the state's attorney and the state's attorney gave it to the judge? This happened in wv and the bond was denied and charges was brought up that we're dropped in the preliminary hearing .
  12. thank you for the advice and I now understand some thing and I know my brother is guilty of being with and going along with the those guys and he knows this too.
  13. call your governor's office and raise some hell put it in the paper if you have to
  14. I live in Jefferson county wv and my brother was arrested three months ago for being with the wrong people. He had given someone a ride to a house where this person stole something from the person my brother was giving a ride to. While in the car the dude told my brother if this other person didn't give him the stuff he stole from him he was going to handcuff him and beat him well my brother laughed at it and so did the other guy . My brother thought he was joking so when they got to the house my brother waited in the car and the next thing he knew they we're fighting and than the guy that did the stilling agree to take the other guy to where his stuff was so they all got in my brother's car and went back to town to this house and got out my brother went up stairs to use the bathroom and when he came down there we're cops there and he was arrested on adding and bidding kidnapping and malicious wounding and first degree robbery . We have been to three preliminary hearing and last one the accuser showed up he himself was a convicted felony and he was in shackles and orange jump suit his story was so full of holes he admitted to being on drugs at the time but when my brother's court appointed lawyer ask for evidence the prosecuting attorney objected and the magistrates went along with it so now we go to trial . I am guessing it is indictment trial . My brother is not a felony he has had some misdemeanor (dui) and that is it hasn't been in trouble since 2006 . His lawyer has only been to see him once and wanted to take a plea of robbery but the robbery charges got dropped . We try to talk to him and let us know the next step but he just ignores us won't go see my brother to let him know what is going on and my brother has given him permission to talk to us and he won't . He won't return calls or even sit up a appointment to find out if he can get some kind of bond or something his secretary keeps saying I will send him a email. my brother is looking at life and there is nothing we can do to help him . We don't have the money to get a lawyer on our own . I just wish his lawyer would talk to us and go see my brother and let him know what the next step is but we can't get anything out of him . He did say he would do everything he could for him but I am afraid he is just dong nothing . Is there anything we can do to get through to him and let us know something. It is killing my mom because we don't know anything the other lawyers have been to see the other guys several times since this happened . Please what can we do
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