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  1. I was wondering what to do. I fired an employee for work place violence because he verbally assaulted me, and threatened one of my supervisors. This employee then got his job back and got put back in the same job same time same shift.I told my hr department i don't feel safe working with this employee, and that i don't feel safe at work. I work for a big corporation so i also filed a corporate complaint and the hr rep from my building called me and said that this employee got his job back and that he was being place in the same job and location. He also told me that the employee was really remorseful so i should feel unsafe. He also said that there was nothing else he could do the decision to bring back this employee was not his and i had to talk to the labor department and my division manager. When the incident first happened i tried to tell my division manager but he just blew me off saying i already heard what happen. I don't know what to do or what my rights are . I know I'm entitled to a safe work enviorment and we have a zero tolerance rule but i guess there are some exceptions because the guy got his job back. This employee also got into it with one of our independent drivers the day before but the feeder department swept it under the rug and didn't do anything. I know this employee is capable of doing it again.Can some one please help me.
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