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  1. I have, for a year now, been trying to acquire my belongings that were taken from a friends home during a search by the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. Originally they told me that the items needed to be cleared by them of not being stolen items. They needed to make sure they weren't on the Police Departments Sheet of Stolen Items. They found this to be true (that they were not on this list) and still did not release them. Their reason for not releasing the items was now that they weren't on their list they recquired receipts. I have one of the receipts, one is a christmas present (for which I don't have a receipt) and the last is a pressure washer for which I cannot find the receipt and the company I bought it from has gone out of business. How can I get a judge or someone in authority to order them to surrender my property?
  2. How do you get a judge to order that your seized property be released from police custody in Arizona?
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