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  1. I'm a commercial truck driver who works for a company who previously was located in the state of tn and since then has been bought out and we're now located in ms. As a driver i go over the road and sleep in the truck, well my company doesn't have enough trucks to accompany every driver so we do what is called slip seating. Through slip seating we have to drive whatever truck is available when we get ready to leave on our load. My problem is i have allergies and i'm a non-smoker, but 90-95% of our drivers are smokers, some arent as bad as others but it gets so bad sometimes that the smell of smoke is in the mattress, in the steering wheel, seats and the smell just lingers. The guys that smoke will not do anything to ease their addiction for the next driver, theres usually ash covering the floors, in the cup holders also in and around the bed. I've spoke with upper management about the situation and the only response i get is some what like putting a bandaid over stab wound. This topic has been brought up in meetings and again they've just been brought up with the situation continuing to be the same. So i'd like to know what are my rights as an employee, and if i have any rights at all, what actions can i take to be able to do my job effectively without breathing second hand smoke while i'm driving or trying to sleep.
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