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  1. i am the general manager of a storage facility, i am a black female and within 6 months of being employed 3 employees were fired for their racist comments to me, the facility is in a black neighborhood and none of the white employees want to work at my location after the store was robbed, i was working that day. i was not sent home for anytime at all by the company and i thought i could move forward but that did not happen. then i was already having bad headaches about a month after i started working there and what do you know a pipe burst and they place became loaded with black mold which we know realized that is what was on the office vents instead of it being dirt and dust. i went to another location due to a workers comp claim and that lasted up until the second week of july i went back to my store after the mold clean up and i began feeling sick again. i was being sent home with pay and i wondered why. i had a meeting with my regional director and he said if i cannot work in the facility and decide to quit that the company wont fight me on unemployment. i asked why couldn't i just get sent to another facility and i was told because i belong at the store i am managing and that i where i will have to be or i can resign from my position and look for another job. i told them resigning was not an option and i was given 48 hrs to decide. what should i do. they can't say i have not been doing my job so i do realize why they want me to terminate myself.
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