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  1. I got into a total loss accident in April 2013 in IL. After a long and agrivating prossess everything is being taken care of and paid off.... ALMOST.... Turns out the **** insurance company is saying the car value is about $2000 over what the insurance company paid out... Which means I am going to lose $2000.... I have had to continue making payments since time of loss, and now since the lack of $ that is going back to the bank I am going to still have to make yet another payment. I want the insurance company to pay out the rest of what the car is worth so I don't have to take the hit for this. I live in Utah now, and do not have the insurance company anymore, but the insurance company is in IL. So if I am unable to get them to pay the rest of what the car is worth because they claim they will not pay the NADA value of the car, I want to sue them and get my money. Would I be able to do this successfully...
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