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  1. Hey friend, i checked the link given above its really good, i came to know lots of things about laws of employement centre . Thnaks dude.
  2. I think you should take a stand find some other good job, if you have skills and self confidence you can easily get a job. After that you can take a legal action against your employer.
  3. I read the whole conversation, so hows your case going on i mean, what procedure you are following.
  4. Yes private lawyers somehow having different fee preceudres so one must ask them before hiring them for services that how they charge for diffrent works and all the extra work like legal papers, documentation, mails and phone calls.
  5. You must hire a good attorney to solve out the whole matter. According to laws and legal norms its all opposite so must take help of an attorney.
  6. With a good lawyer and the right information, filing bankruptcy could give you the financial footing you need.
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