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  1. My credit card was used in May 2011. Since that happened I have not been able to get the balance down to pay it off. I never have been late since I had this card and I do not use it because I want to pay it off but I cannot. In March 2013, I accidently missed a payment I thought I set it up the previous month that's what I do and I didn't see it until the following month so they charged me a fee of $25.00 that was ok but the next month the minimum payment wasn't $25 anymore it was $66.00 when my payment of $25. went in they charged me $35.00 fee and $15. past due in May I paid $75.00 which I thought I fixed it, now this month it is $77. minimum, these credit card companies are a joke. This is why people get fed up and say forget it. The balance on this card was $270 and when it was used without premission he charged $360. and since than haven't come close to paying it off. Can I do anything now because of this happening or it's too late to dispute these charges from back then?
  2. I live with a women who has a trust, her husband died in 2005 and the son who was my friend died suddenly in 2009 while I was friendly with him I became close to his mom for over 3 years. When the son died she had no one I was coming over taking her where ever she needed to go and whatever, I started working close by to her home she ask me to move in because I was always here any way. I have been living here now since 2010 what I want to know is God forbid anything happens to her can anyone come in and just throw me out because I am not family? She has a brother in California and other family but no one comes to see her or calls. I heard,whoever can just put me out and I would need to prove everything that is mine. I want to make a list with my things I ask her if she would mine and she would have to have it notirized she said if it would let me feel better but no one will come. I am responsible if anything happens she says just call ****** its all taken care of, they will pick her up. What would be the best thing to do in this situation?
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