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  1. Thank you both for your insight. It has been appreciated. I spoke to two (2) attorneys regarding this matter, and both, under Title 59:8-9 Notice of Late Claim, informed me that I had two (2) years to file my claim. Title 59 8.9.pdf
  2. RetiredInVirgina, Exactly my point. My claim has not been filed because the State of New Jersey archived my 'granted' application/motion to file a 'late Notice of Claim'; therefore, to answer all your questions, (1)'my claim has never been able to arise'; (2)the basis of the claim is five (5) counts of breach of contract and three (3) violations of N.J.S.A.; (3)the authorization/granting of the late notice of claim is irrelevant; because, it was wrongfully archived before the end of the two (2) years allowed for me to file the late 'Notice of Claim'; (4)I mean, that, in some unexplained way, my authorized/granted motion, which allowed for me to file the Notice of Claim for up to two (2) years was 'archived' (put on a shelf as if the case was finalized); (5)no, I am not confusing the statute of limitations. I have not had a chance to file the 'Notice of Claim' to proceed. In order to sue the State of New Jersey, you must first file a 'Notice of Claim' with the New Jersey Department of Treasury. I have yet been able to do so; because, the state 'put my authorized/granted motion' in the archives before the two (2) year grace period for me to file expired (as per the granted Order from the Judge). To provide clarity, the Order allowed for me to file the Notice of Claim within two (2) years; yet, the State of New Jersey archived the Order before the two (2) years expired (without following proper procedure according to the law - Title 59); thus, violating my rights under Title 59. I hope this is clear.
  3. Thanks, LegalWriterOne. That process was done already. My application/motion was granted. As stated above, it was archived before the two (2) year limit for me to file a 'Notice of Claim' with the State of New Jersey within the 90 days of incident; therefore, I am planning to file another motion (for reinstatement of the granted application/motion); then, file another claim against the state; because, the state violated my rights under Title 59 to file my 'Notice of Claim' by archiving the 'granted' application/motion prior to it expiring. Again, in your opinion, am I on the right track to pursue the claim against the State of New Jersey? Yes, I am aware that you MAY NOT be a licensed lawyer in New Jersey to give legal advice; yet, we are part of this forum to help/assist others. By the way, I hope you perennials have not missed me TOO much...LOL...LOL. I have not posted since 2013...I think... The state just won't let me live. "As soon as I think I'm out, they pull me back in..." Classic...I know...(Godfather Part III, Miguel Corleone...)
  4. Under Title 59 - Claims Against Public Entities, I was granted a motion to file a 'Late Notice of Claim' under N.J.S.A. 59:13 (6); where, I was given two (2) years to file the claim. Without any notice, and well before the two (2) years expired under Title 59, my 'claim' was inexplicably archived without notice by the courts. In my opinion, my rights under Title 59 have been violated; because, I was never given a chance to 'officially' file my claim before the two (2) year expiration. My intentions are to file a motion to reinstate, and possibly, file another claim against the State for violating my rights under Title 59 for not allowing me the opportunity to file before expiration. My question is: Am I on the 'right track' in pursing this case?
  5. The camera should work to your benefit. Now you have the opportunity to display to your supervisor how hardworking and competent you are with regard to your employment responsibilities; and, why you are indispensable to their operations. The camera should help you validate why you deserve a raise in salary and a promotion. The installation of the camera should only work to your benefit! I do not see a problem here.
  6. Please give more details. I am sure someone on this board has information that will guide you in the proper direction to assist in your cause. In New Jersey, for a person to be evicted, the owner/landlord/agency has to go through the Superior Court, Special Civil Part - Landlord/Tenant to evict a tenant. Please look to try to appeal the eviction Order through the Appellate Division in your county. Usually, there is a time limit for doing so. Please investigate this option.
  7. Thanks 'a gazillion'. You have no idea how invaluable that information is to me. Again, thanks 'a gazillion'.
  8. N.J.S.A. Title 34:13A - 5.3 (7): [Where the State of New Jersey and the majority representative have agreed to a disciplinary review procedure that provides for binding arbitration of disputes involving the major discipline of any public employee protected under the provisions of this section, other than public employees subject to discipline pursuant to R.S.53:1-10, the grievance and disciplinary review procedures established by agreement between the State of New Jersey and the majority representative shall be utilized for any dispute covered by the terms of such agreement. For the purposes of this section, major discipline shall mean a removal, disciplinary demotion, suspension or fine of more than five days, or less where the aggregate number of days suspended or fined in any one calendar year is 15 or more days or unless the employee received more than three suspensions or fines of five days or less in one calendar year.] Please help me understand, or define what R.S.53:1-10 is, and or, means? The answer to my question will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Have your parents contact the courts.
  10. Before having your Saturn 'worked on' by this 'specific dealership', did you have the 'specific dealership' run a diagnostics test before you let them 'work on your car'? A diagnostic test is done by a computer that shows the car owner what is wrong with the car. This is usually done before you allow work to be done on your car to avoid a mechanic (human being) trying to 'rip you off', which, unfortunately, I think is happening to you. In the future, please ask for a diagnostics test before letting a mechanic 'work on your car'. The tests usually cost from $35 - $50, depending on the vehicle of course, but it is much less than $900.
  11. In New Jersey, Title 59 - Claims Against Public Entities - is the Statute for filing lawsuits against public entities. Check to see if NYC has a similar statute. In addition to 'adjusterjack's' statement, I find it hard to believe that someone in 'middle management' would be working in a basement.
  12. Yes. The letter, as you state, informed you that the reason for not hiring you was your 'credit history'. The company (I hope) would not have 'put it in writing' if it was illegal.
  13. If the job is really worth it, just pay the remaining months, get everything in writing, and receipt of the payment, and move forward. That way, you avoid problems later. Second, try what 'pg1067' states, find a sub-tenant that you can rely upon to pay the remaining months to live in the space, while you take the other job. Also, make sure you and the 'sub-tenant' have a written agreement that he/she will pay the remainder of the rent while they are living there.
  14. It really isn't that serious. Again, I did not realize this message board was so 'language' intense. I will be more careful next time. Sorry, I must go now. I just read a post and would like to see if I am capable of helping that poster.
  15. Chancery/General Equity Part Enforce the performance of contracts, trusts and fiduciary obligations Re-execute or correct instruments lost or erroneously drafted Set aside transactions that were illegal, fraudulent, etc. Execute writs of attachment Stop actions that will cause irreparable harm Grant the reacquisition of property upon default of mortgage or tax payments 'Their' is a 'possessive' adjective. I think you confused it with 'they're', which is 'they are'. I am planning to sue my Union for not upholding 'their' obligation to take my case from Mediation to Arbitration in the Chancery Division/General Equity Part. I meant Chancery Division, which is division of the courts, instead of Chancery Court. Semantics... I did not realize this message board was so 'language' intense. Let's move on to more serious postings, and try to help posters with 'their' concerns, instead of the English language.
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