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  1. I will provide a little more information about my case. I was told by several attorneys that an employment discrimination claim was very difficult to prove, the attorneys I have asked were Workers Compensation attorneys, most were not willing to discuss my case and others told me that I had one year to file a claim, most recently was a law firm that was representing me for my WC case, when I asked I was still within the two years WC allows. I believed the professionals that were supposed to know, it wasn't until I went thru the WC website that I found the form with the instructions and realized I had been misinformed. I filled out the form and submitted it. I had my hearing this week but the judge said she had to dismiss the case because of the time limit, she also said I could ask my case to be reset to the calendar if I found an exception to the time requirement. This is what I am trying to do.
  2. I am a recipient of Workers Compensation and would like to know if there is an exemption to the two year requirement for filing a discrimination complaint, Section 120 in NYC.
  3. In the state of New York, what does it mean when a respondent files a motion to vacate a judgment and it is "Granted to Extent per Order"
  4. Yes, that is my intent, I live in the state of NY, town of Poughkeepsie. I do not see any legal citations, in the attorneys Application to Modify my Order to Show Cause his reasons are numbered, there are a total of 21.items, number 19 is asking the order be vacated or a dollar amount no less than $3,000.00 as a condition of the existing stay. The judge signed the order and is asking for 3 times the rent. This document was served yesterday and the deposit has to be made by tomorrow. The judgment entered was for one month rent, which is what I am behind plus two weeks of rent.
  5. I am unsure of whether this attorney for the landlord is really the attorney for the landlord ( I'm not sure if it matters), his name does not appear on any court documents for the filing, he does advocate in court for him but does not ask for attorneys fee's in the judgment, which was unusual since all attorneys representing the landlords in court do. In addition, I requested a stay on the warrant of eviction from a higher court. whenever I tried to bring up a defense, the judge would not let me speak, he was very sarcastic to a point I was almost in tears, he had the court room laughing at my defenses. The higher court signed my order to show cause and approved the stay, in these documents the attorney that was present does affirm he is counsel for the landlord.
  6. If it is mutually exclusive is it considered illegal for an attorney to say a person is his client and speak on his behalf in court during a landlord tenant matter, but in a motion filed to the Appellate Court in New York state that this person is acting pro se? I don't understand:(
  7. I applied for an order to show cause to stay a warrant of eviction from the Appellate Court, 2nd Department, 9th and 10th Judicial District. The order was signed with a return date of June 3, 2013, a deposit was not a condition of the stay. The landlords attorney filed an order to show cause asking my order be modified and supplied documents as to why. The order was signed, but the judge is now asking for a monetary deposit of three times the rent. I have represented myself thru out these proceedings, so when I researched what could be expected if the judge signed my OTSC it said that the judge could ask for the amount of the judgment, is this allowed? Regards, Monica
  8. Hello, In the state of New York, if a landlord has an attorney advocating for him in person, in court, can the landlord be considered pro se and can the attorney file a motion on his behalf? Regards, Monica
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