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  1. oh yea, argo federal decennial census as of 2010 is (4,071 ) people.
  2. just found this alabama code sec.32-5A-171-8.(8) A law enforcement officer or a peace officer of any incorporated municipality or town which has less than 19,000 inhabitants according to the most recent federal decennial census shall not enforce this section on any interstate highway. does this sound like i could use this in my case than he wasnt suppose to be patroling interstate? any ideas?
  3. recently i was pulled over on i-59 north in argo,alabama, i know i was speeding a little, but i was running with other cars, and i was in the fast lane, 2 cars were beside me in left lane, argo city was shooting radar, pulled me over and gave me a ticket for reckless driving said i was running 90 m.p.h. which i was not. i feel he pulled me over for running in left lane. i didnt think a city with less than 10,000 could police the interstate? i thought that was a law? this was not a state trooper it was a city police back up hiding behind concrete pillar on overpass. i would app. any help on this issue, because i was not reckless driving and will get an attorney to fight this before paying this ticket.
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