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  1. I am a field representative for a company which sends me to varying locations throughout the city in which I live in, weekly. These location can/does change weekly. My last on the job physical assault which nearly put mein the emergency room, occured at the hands of a Community Preventive Services group. Upon reporting my assaults and harrassment to my employer her response to me is I will have to suck it up because the companies I am sent to is their bread and butter. I also have an on the job ligament and knee cap injury from working on my knees while in the field, to which the company doctor claimed it is not work related. I can no longer ride a bicycle, do martial arts or stand without making a spectacle of myselft if I assume a kneeling position. I cannot put this knee on a hard surface of any kind. In the past, my complaints have caused me to lose work, a lot of over the course of time in which I have been in their employement. The local police dept. has refused to accept complaints without any further help from them stating only the events were not in their jurisdiction. What is my recourse?
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