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  1. Well, thank you for the heads up on that particular case. You're right, pain and frustration, has lead to my clouded vision of the DEA. I know they make many legitimate arrests, and are trying to take these bastards out of action. I just don't understand why my , and many other honest peoples, quality of life was just snatched from under us. Alright, so what are they doing for us? Apparently, they don'y give a rats ass about honest people, with legitimate chronic ailments, that rely on these meds! Now I have to pay $255.00 a month,which I can ill afford, for medication just to keep me from going through withdrawals! Oh boy! Now I can sit in my recliner, instead of in the hospital, puking my guts out! Where do we go for help!? If all these meds are being taken off the street, where are they for us!? How are we supposed to live?
  2. in its effort to reduce the number of pills sold in Florida, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration is intimidating people at every step of the drug supply chain. Last year, DEA agents raided two CVS stores in Sanford and suspended the license of their Lakeland-based distributor, because of the size of their oxycodone order. “There isn’t a doctor, a pharmacist or a wholesaler that is in Florida that is not terrified of the Drug Enforcement Administration," he says. This is part of an article I read. You mean to tell me, that these sorts of actions, are legal in this country? Sounds more like Mafioso tactics! Pertaining to your comment referring to the reluctance of Drs., and pharmacies to fill, or write scripts, I was far from being a "new" patient! I had been with SweetBay Pharmacy, for years. They transferred my scripts to CVS, where I have been established with for over seven years. I went to CVS after calling them to ensure they could take care of me. After being assured all would be fine, I showed up with my regular monthly prescriptions and was told, " We don't even carry these medications. Sorry.". They wouldn't even order them for me! I was told at Winn-Dixie pharm. They told me that they were at their limit of medication that they could dispense. Which of course is a lie. They just did not want to draw the attention of the DEA! By the way I have dealt with them off and on, over the past ten years. Walgreens told me that their current stock of my medication was just enough to cover the current number of customers who have been getting it, and would not order more. I finally thought I caught a break when through my insurance company, I found a mail order company. They took care of me for three months, then on the third month, they mailed my prescriptions back to me, and told me they can no longer send them to Florida!
  3. I see, so CVS, Walgreens, and all the other pharmacies are breaking the law dispensing legitimate prescriptions from well established,legal, doctors to their patients who require these to partake in life in a quality manner?
  4. It is against the law for the government to limit legal goods produced, and sold by a private company. Who says they are "enforcing the laws"? If so, then why aren't the pills that "were" going to the "mills", going to the ones who truly need them? Not to mention the FDA, also needs a kick in the ass!
  5. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Emphasis on promote general welfare. What about pursuit of happiness. Forcing people to become extremely ill, then let them suffer without any relief from their existing condition is down right criminal!
  6. Florida is where people come from all over the country to score meds at pill mills, that seem to be all over this state. So we are more scrutinized than any other state.
  7. Many people I know, and heard of, have ended up in emergency rooms numerous times due to detoxification side affects, due to pharmacies afraid to increase the number of opiates they order. Denying people of a better quality of life through unjust laws, and intimidation. I know this problem is experienced by thousands of Floridians.
  8. I need to know how to start a class action suit against the Drug Enforcement Agency. Here in Florida, it is impossible for thousands of people to get their pain medications. Due to harassment from the DEA, pharmacies are afraid to increase the number of opiates they order. The only people who can get their meds., are those that have been established with a pharmacy, before all this scrutiny began. Those of us that had our pharmacies closed, are just out of luck. Please help.
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