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  1. Spent the last several days going over all the paperwork & no mention of condo association, common expenses, etc. anywhere (including title documents). Been in contact with one of the association members about how much insurance to get for the unit & it was suggested to get an amount equal to the purchase price. I thought most associations set a specific amount? Going to try (somehow) to make things work though before giving up on the place. I guess there's no point in litigation as the fees may cost me more than what I'd be awarded. How can I go about making sure the association is legit or in good standing? I just want to make sure I have as much info as possible before I start to contribute.
  2. I've contacted my attorney (that I used at closing) about this but I thought I'd post here as well for additional input/opinions. I recently closed on a condo & throughout the entire process I was told there was NOT a condo association for the building. Initially, I thought it was odd but I inquired at least three separate times to make sure & got the reply "No, there's no condo association". My agent and lawyer checked severals times with the selling agent. There was nothing provided to me at the closing. I assumed everyone was responsible for their own unit, almost like a townhome or detached house. When I called the water company to get things turned on in my name I was told the bill was covered by the condo association? Several days later I met one of the owners in the building who informed me there is a condo association & told me the amount of the monthly fee. The monthly fee is more than I'm able to afford when combined with the mortgage, taxes, utilties, etc. Aren't I required to sign something that makes me part of the association or something? I don't want to cheat the other owners by not paying monthly fees but honestly if I'd known the fees were this high I probably wouldn't have moved forward on this unit. I really don't know where to go or how to proceed with regards to the association. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. adjusterjack, thanks for the reply & answers are in line below... I'm a good friend of (but not) the buyer. The agreed closing date has already been extended once (I'm supposed to help the buyer move) & it appears the extension will be missed. As I understand it, the deposit was a good faith/earnest money deposit. pg1067, buyer is talking with attorney; I'm asking to try to help a friend & also just to get additional opinions & insights as I'm sure this isn't the first time a closing has been delayed
  4. There is proof of all the following via emails: 1) seller agent gives wrong address for buyer to mail deposit check 2) seller attorney can't locate deposit check for 4 days after signing for it via certified mail 3) seller attorney locates deposit check ~20mins after buyer states they will re-issue a new check 4) buyer to deposit new check back into account (as per buyer attorney instruction) so the entire closing can be done by wire transfer ** Buyer contract clearly states that for closing "time is of the essence" ** Is there anything the buyer can do? Isn't there a code of ethics among real estate brokers & attorneys? At some point the buyer will have to move into a hotel as the seller continues to delay. Any & all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. My employer merged with another organization. I've been told that I have to reapply in order to keep my current position. I'm in a union so I thought I'd have more protection/options than other non-union workers but people talk as though we are all in the same situation? Does anyone know if this sounds correct? Shouldn't there be something in the bargaining agreement to address the merger? Thanks.
  6. Hello all, Is anyone familiar with NY co-ops? I've been fortunate enough to get a copy of the financial records for a co-op but I'm not sure if a real estate attorney, CPA or other professional is appropriate to review the documents? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Tax_Counsel thanks for your reply. The letter code is CP2000 (the IRS references it in their correspondence) but I never received it so I don't know how much $ they are proposing in the increase or how much time I have left before the 90 days (if that is the time frame I've been given) is up. Until I get the CP2000 I'm somewhat in the dark. Also, I let the IRS know that I never received the CP2000 in my initial reply. The letter I've been sending back & forth has a letter number LTR#####. The first letter I received reads "Our records indicate that you submitted a response. We are not able to secure that document, at this time." I let the IRS know I never responded to anything? The response I submitted 6 weeks ago was my first, I don't know how/where/why they have a response prior to it? At this point I guess I should try to get them to send me the CP2000 so I can review it & file the petition just to be safe? However, I'm undecided on whether to I file the petition on my own or let a lawyer handle it? There is supposed to be a 1-800 number near the top of the CP2000 but until I get the letter I don't know what number to call? Do you think it's worth trying to find that phone number number on the IRS website or google may way to it?
  8. Someone please help me with this ordeal. About 6 weeks ago the IRS sent me a letter saying I responded to a notice of deficiency, but I never received the notice of deficiency?!?! They are under the impression that I didn't accurately report all income. However, I've had the same employer for the past several years & so to the best of my knowledge I have correctly reported all income. I've done nothing different from the previous years when I filed my taxes. Also, the IRS states that I filed one numbered tax form when in fact I filed a different numbered form. I contacted the IRS by phone approximately 6 weeks ago to explain the situation to a representative. The representative suggested there may be a clerical error (that's why they have an incorrect tax form number) & I followed their instructions "to the letter" with regards to my response that I mailed back to them. However, I just received another letter from the IRS & so the issue is not resolved. It once again references the notice (that I still have never received) & states I can petition the US Tax Court for a re-determination of the amount of taxed owed?!?! Should I find a tax attorney to help me with the petition or go another route? I don't even know what my options are at this point. Thanks in advance for all responses.
  9. I'm not settled with the decision of the grievance process. I want to go to arbitration but don't have the support of my local. However, the main reason I don't have support is because the local knows they have willing violated the bargaining agreement. What steps can I take to reach arbitration without the local?
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