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  1. Thank you. I contacted the company they will allow my relative to pick up... They said they had a policy that individuals had to physically pick up their last check which makes no sense because it doesnt apply for checks directly deposited into banks...But whatever.
  2. It has been about a month since I have stopped working with this particular company in Connecticut I have not been paid yet. I sent an email with the dates and times of the days I worked and asked for them to mail my check because I am no longer in the State. They said I would have to come and pick it up personally. No reason given. I find this unusual because they have been sending my reimbursement checks just not my pay check. I am in another State and can't physically pick it up and I stated that in the email. Can they withhold my check? What recourse do I have since I can not physically pick up the check myself and it's been a month since I have been paid. (it's my last check). Thanks
  3. I work part time in a motel that is now converting to a major chain. However many years ago there was a murder at the front desk lobby, 2 front desk attendants were killed and the killer was never caught. I had no idea this happened when they hired me... Because of said murder the front desk has bulletproof glass to protect the desk and is heavily outfitted with security cameras. And we buzz people in at night from 9pm-6am. The issue is this...The building is now undergoing renovations which requires the front desk personnel to exit the safety of the bulletproof glass and camera surveillance by requiring us to leave the secure building and setting up breakfast in a non secure building (breakfast set up is at 5am). My question is can I raise concerns to my employer because of the previous incident where 2 people were murdered? Is this considered a workplace safety violation? What is the best way to proceed construction is set to begin in a couple of weeks Thanks
  4. @pg1067 I did not lay out all the fact in my case because it is entirely too complicated and not enough hours in the day. I started my post by saying my previous employer has a history of treating black and white people differently. I have witnessed a blatant example which I referenced above however there are many more instances that were not as obvious. Like an email demanding that I sweep, mop and tidy a shared office space (I was the Customer Service Manager and Program Coordinator). I was reprimanded for forwarding the email to the housekeeping manager. I didn't see the need to in listing every incident as I did not see the relevance as it pertained to the question I asked, further that's why I have a lawyer and he has all the information emails etc. I merely wanted to know if there was a formula that was used in awarding damages in discrimination cases. Yes my lawyer "suggested" 2 years, I took it as just that a suggestion. Hence my question regarding a formula. I was a salaried employee with full medical coverage. I no longer have insurance to cover my medical expenses. Had they not fired me illegally I would not have to come out of my pockets for my doctors visits medications etc. While working for the company I was placed on a 20% reduced salary for a year, yet my work load increased and I managed 2 sites despite being hired to manage one. When time came to reinstate my full salary, including bonus etc they decided this was just not working. They let me go with a bunch of reasons that would've been perfectly acceptable to them if I had been a different color/complexion and I called them on it. And my attorney did state that in NY, I can ask for my attorneys fees to be paid by the defendants (my ex employers).
  5. AdjusterJack your tone is extremely condescending. No one said anything about sitting on my butt for 5 years in fact I am currently employed. Secondly, Your final comment about not sounding unsympathetic makes you sound extremely unsympathetic. They broke the law not I. And they should be held responsible...If being held responsible means paying me a sum of money then so be it!!! They have harmed my livelihood, they have ridiculed, embarrassed and finally fired me maybe to you that means not a thing, however if that is the case you should refrain from commenting, or maybe tone it down. On that note thank you Tax Counsel for your reply
  6. Hello, This may seem like a strange question, I am currently suing my former employer for discrimination. They have a history of treating black employees and white employees differently. An example (that I witnessed) would be when a white employee comes in late (per se) the white employee would be written up several times before termination, where as a black employee will be terminated immediately for the same infraction. I have a lawyer, they (former employer) hired a lawyer and after presenting all the proof I have, their lawyer asked what was our demand. My lawyer and I replied we will get back to them in a couple of days. So my question is can I come up with whatever demands I would like and hope that they accept? My lawyer is doing some research and suggested I ask for 2 years salary and medical. However, I was thinking more like 5 years, medical, punitive and they pay my legal...but I don't know if I'm reaching. Just seeking some advice. Thanks
  7. I'm gonna make this long story as short as possible. I was hired in 2011 as a salaried employee in NYC to work in a facility that had not officially opened. With no opening date in site they transferred me to another site and reduced my salary by 20% and my work week was reduced to 4 days. At the site I was transferred to I was doing the job I was hired for as well as the job for the site I was physically at. When I complained that the workload was burdensome they decided to pay pay me hourly on the 5th day of work. It then became an issue regarding overtime etc so I stopped working the 5th day. Now fast forward to present day, they reinstate my full salary because the facility has an open date of June 2013, facility opens 5 days later they fire me. I was sent an invite titled New Hires and it turned into me being fired In the ambush Human resources, facility director and my supervisor claimed social media complaints, I asked them to show me them and they couldn't (maybe because they don't exist) I've always been treated differently within the organization as the only black female in senior management...When I stated that I was singled out and that I should be afforded the same "chances" that my counterparts were afforded the meeting ended. They claimed I threatened them and they did not hand me my final check, nor did they discuss severance, nor pay me my unused vacation days at that time. I was paid the days I worked and my vacation days on pay day. They were not overtly racist, there were however many undertones of unfair treatment, biased treatment, and things of that nature... I am concerned because I never mentioned my issues before they fired me and I want to file an eeoc complaint. My questions are do I need to have proof in order to file a claim with eeoc. Can I negotiate my own severance package or do I need to hire a lawyer for that Is it legal to work as a salary and an hourly employee at the same time Thanks in advance
  8. Thank You all for the wonderful replies. It appears that the judge in the eviction case was ambiguous in her verdict. I was able to sue in small claims court, I am now waiting for the judgement. I lived there for 2 years paid the rent and the landlord was doing nothing to rectify the situation, when I stopped paying the rent is when he started to pay attention. Fingers crossed
  9. Is there any way that res judicata can be overturned? When I went to landlord tenant court, my defense was that I was paying rent for an apartment that was not worth what I paid because of the mold issues...(Mold report proved there was an environmental issue) Judge asked me if I had any damage I said that I did...but did not go into further details...then I filed a small claim against my landlord when I moved once I saw the excessive mold on my furniture etc (all of which I had to throw out/...did not want to cross contaminate or bring mold into my new apartment) I'm worried that my case is going to be thrown out because I said that I had damage in the landlord tenant case even though my initial defense was that the apartment wasn't worth what I was paying for it... I want to be ready to present my case on June any advice would be of tremendous help... Thank you in advance
  10. I was making a left hand turn and stopped to allow for pedestrian to cross and a cab rear ended me. Called police and filed a report, later that evening I experienced severe back pain went to urgent care and was prescribed muscle relaxers. His insurance company has yet to respond to any of my calls... I am still experiencing slight pain...my health insurance wont cover medical caused by car wreck...did not want to involve my insurance but I did in order to begin treatment... Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney to go after cabs insurance or does my insurance automatically seek out damages for my injuries? Not sure what to do seeking advice...thanks for your help
  11. Thank you...One more question if I may: (trying to undersatnd what I'm dealing with) My landlord sued me for non payment of rent for the 3 months I did not pay because he had not repaired the mold issue...As a tenant could I have countersued him in landlord tenant court?
  12. I was renting a condo in westchester county ny. after 4 months of me living there mold started to appear on my clothes, i informed my landlord he did nothing...fast forward one year later the mold situation got worse...i with held rent he took me to court. Verdict I was to move by the end of the following month and my deposit would not be returned. Did not have to pay the 3 months of back rent. I filed a small claims suit against him for property damage all of my furniture that was purchased when I moved in was damaged and smelly because of the mold...I filed a small claim he comes with a lawyer that says to the judge the matter was already adjudicated in rental court...how can my personal property damage be adjudicated in rental court? The small claims case was adjourned for another month giving them a chance to provide transcripts for the rental case...How is that possible? He sued me for rent...I'm suing him for the damage to my property for the 2 years I was there from the mold issue ... If in fact I am not able to sue in small claims is their any other legal remedy to recoup my damages?
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