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  1. Quick question: Unmarried and in very contentious relationship with mother of my children regarding visitation. It looks as if the courts may have to get involved, however, I live in Brooklyn, mother lives in Staten Island. Where would I file any court papers, in Kings or Richmond County? Thanks.
  2. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! As a follow up, I wanted to let you know that this matter has been resolved. Going your route with a Court filing would have set up an estate account in my mom's name. Since I had not yet filed the papers with the Court, I was able to do an "Affidavit B", a cashier's check was issued, and the account finally closed. Couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you so much.
  3. Thank you so much for your response! I will definitely follow up with this. Thanks again.
  4. My mother passed away with about $500 in her checking account, no designated beneficiary (POD), and no will. When I tried to close the account it was frozen and I was told by the bank officer to get a lawyer to assist in this matter. How should I proceed? Will it cost me $1,000 to get $500? Thanks.
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