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  1. The fact is my employer did nothing to provide me with a healthy and safe environment he left me on a shift with an employee who had already shown her anger and aggression towards me in front of him without doing anything, until I filed a police report against said employee. My problem is not with this employee my problem is that passed incidents proove that my employer a county appointed director has a no tolerance policy on violence in the workplace as well as a union contract and has fired other employees for third party reports of workplace violence
  2. Currently I am a county 911 paramedic on feb 20th of this year while in a meeting with management present I was verbally assaulted and threatened by another employee management did and said nothing to defuse this situation until I filed a police report then and only then was something done (a three day suspension and an online anger management class (really?)) I still have to work with chance that I may have a run in with this employee and management is doing nothing to remedy the problem when I have expressed my fears of retaliation. Where are my rights?
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