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  1. Thank you for your reply. The thing with black ice is that you could be going 2mph and will lose traction. In addition to the fact that it is not obvious as to its locaion and can guage where it is or will be - no announcement or indication. with regards to fault what about breach of driver duty specifically lookout and avoidance? Not paying attention to the road is also a dangerous situation, right? With focus on the road and ample distance (as in this case) one allows themselves ample time to react to the ever changing conditions on the road ahead. Is it possible to not hit the brakes to avoid a collision and claim no fault? (such as hitting a pedestrian?)
  2. - - I did everything I could under the circumstances to avoid colliding with anyone and to get out of the oncoming lane of travel. Given the weather, road conditions and the way the collision occured as well as closer review of the photos of the scene immediately after the accident, it would appear that they slid as well. I strongly believe the collsion could very well have been avoided. Is the other driver at fault for not avoiding collision but rather turning into my motion rather than away from to avoid collision, or not braking in time/paying attention? Would this be considered equal fault? or who would be more at fault? thanks! edit: asked if they slid and they were adamant that they never lost control or slid.
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