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  1. After a four year process,my comp. hearing date arrives. Swear in,judge asks all the questions."Yes I understand" I replied. Judge asks "are there any more questions?" Employers and insurrers rep.asks am I on Soc.Sec./ Disability,and am I on Medicare? "Yes,I received my first S.S.D.check last month."....."No,I am not on Medicare." Also in the settlement contract was a set-aside provision;All was agreed, Judge "Approved"and ruled "Final / Concluded" Hearing date was March 5, 2013. On March 11, I receive a letter from the carrier and employers rep; "We hereby object to the Notice of Approval for the Section 32 Agreement. "We presently wish to withdraw from the agreement." S.S.D. "automatically"placed me on Medicare to qualify me for S.S.D check. I received with my first check, a premium deduction of $104.00. I called soc.sec. office and "Opt out" of part "B' as I cannot afford the premium deduction.Opt out action took place on Feb.28, 2013. Also I have a statement from their office setting my check amount back to original figure...Prior to the hearing date.Please, I,WE, my family could use some interpreting and what are Any options that may be taken? Respectfully, "Trying to hear in N.Y."
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