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  1. was told by -- assist. store mgr. said that even if I was clocked out for lunch that **** was still responsible for me--example--if I was out in the parking lot and stepped in front of a car---at another store (***) and I had an accident---in the store--etc---said it was a Va state law---if in the store and clocked out and a customer threatened me or even struck me that I couldn't defend myself or I would be terminited---if I was in another *** store and anything happened I could be terminated---any truth to this?
  2. I work for ******t--whenever we have over time we are made to leave early in order to void the over time--I have several jobs that management put me on that I cannot leave until someone shows--my direct manager has threated me with dismissal if I have any more over time--he says that my over time is my responsibility and I should just walk off the position and leave which is not possible--is this legal?
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