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  1. When I moved out of the home my kids were grown, only one stand home she was going through with her divorce at the time, then 2 years later she was still at the house, making a long story short when there are two women in the household we began to clash, I moved out which is one of the reason and the other my husband and I wasn't getting along, before my daughter moved in there were threat of divorce before, due to verbal and physical abuse it never happen. Now current it's been 9 years coming up in April 2013, we filed for divorce non contestent, now I'm confuse on property I had a apartment for 9 years, which I purchased a great deal of stuff like washer & dryer, TV, dining room table and chairs, sofa etc stuff to make my home comfortable. do I need to list those things down even though we brought stuff together in the home which is still there? And when the form says, if I own a home does that mean the house he living in because I know I gave up any right of the home, the house is almost paid for and we had the house for 33 years. please help me to understand.
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