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  1. Thank you for that information.
  2. I went to the office and spoke to the Assistant Manager about this. She spoke to the manager and relayed to me that if I paid the $8.33 of the $158.33 and showed proof of turning the gas back on, that they would take off the remaining $150. I did as I was told and when I received my next bill, they had taken off less than half the charges. When I called, she told me she had only agreed to take off half (which she didn’t and also didn’t give me credit for what I’d already paid). I didn’t get it in writing so I had no choice but to pay it. I paid with a separate check from the rent and wrote a letter telling her I didn’t appreciate the deal being changed after I kept my end. When I paid the rent and the fee (always on time), I requested maintenance on my ac. It states in the lease agreement that they are responsible for maintaining ac equipment. My request was ignored. I then put in a request through the resident portal. That too has been ignored. I feel that this is retaliation for the unrelated dispute and a type of harassment. I plan to send a certified letter requesting maintenance but what are my options if it too is ignored. Can I have it fixed and deduct from the rent? Can I break my lease for breach of contract?
  3. Ok, thank you. It may come down to that but I hope not.
  4. I did put in a repair request through our online resident portal and the microwave is 16 years old, not 6 as you stated. It is also an above the range model that is exposed to a lot of heat, which could (and apparently did) make it brittle. And, as I stated earlier, it had been repaired before as I could see where it had been glued. I fail to see how breaking the handle was my fault.
  5. Hello all, I’m back with another question 🙂. I have lived in my apartment for over 3 years but planning to move when my lease is up. A few months ago I went to open my over the range microwave and the handle snapped off. I opened it like I always do and it looked as if it had been repaired before. I reported it to maintenance who said he thought they had replacements and would be back. About a month later, I ran into him on the property and he said that the part had to be ordered and he would replace when it came in. In the meantime, I also broke the fan cover trying to open the microwave door. I saw the maintenance guy again and he said he was still waiting on the part. I told him about also breaking the fan cover and he assured me they had extra parts in the shop and he would fix when the other part came in. It’s been about 3 months since I first reported it and I’ve begun to suspect that they are waiting out my lease to charge damages. The handle didn’t break because of malice or misuse and would have broken regardless of who had opened it. The fan cover is my fault but wouldn’t have happened if they’d repaired the microwave in a timely manner. The microwave is a 2003 model and the cost of both parts is $230 or the whole thing can be replaced for $189 at Best Buy. What would reasonably be considered wear and tear or damages in this case?
  6. So true! I never dreamed a seasonal disconnect would cause all of this. Lesson learned.
  7. Yes, that fee is recurring, but per the lease, I don’t believe the violation fee should be.
  8. Thank you for your input. I believe that interpretation is correct.
  9. Here is the text of the whole provision.
  10. I had to edit my answer because I see the lease does allow this, but I’ve not been charged transfer fees; only 2 violation and usage fees.
  11. Lol! Yes, that is the actual wording on the lease, contractions and all.
  12. Yes, I did agree to it when I signed the lease. My circumstances have changed dramatically and I chose to break a provision. I am legally liable. No argument here. My question is based solely on whether the wording of the lease agreement makes the violation charge one time per violation or an ongoing monthly charge per violation.
  13. The lease states: You must not allow utilities (other than cable or internet) to be cut off or switched for any reason - including disconnection for not paying your bills, until the lease term or renewal period ends. To to answer the rest of your questions, this is a large corporate owned complex in Texas. The charges originated in my local leasing office. I just checked and the pilot light is still on so, the gas company didn’t disconnect. They switched billing to the office. That was not my intention.
  14. My apartment lease requires me to keep the utilities on, including the gas which is only used to heat the apartment and runs about $30 a month when not in use. I am on long term leave due to health issues and my income has been reduced 40%. I have always paid my rent on time but got behind on other bills, so I had the gas shut off a few months ago because it wasn’t in use. I received my monthly rent statement and they are charging me $160 for disconnecting. My lease states...”you’ll be liable for $50 charge (not to exceed $50 per violation) plus the actual or estimated cost of the utilities used while the utility should have been connected.” I am being charged the $50 violation fee twice, for two months and the use fee of $30 twice. If I’m reading the lease correctly there should have only been one violation fee, regardless of the amount of time it’s been off. I’m going to speak to the manager and explain my financial situation and see if we can work this out, but I’d like to know if I’m interpreting the lease correctly.
  15. This is precisely the information I’ve been looking for. Gold star answer ⭐️. Thank you!
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