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  1. This is precisely the information I’ve been looking for. Gold star answer ⭐️. Thank you!
  2. That’s classic! I’m glad your time investment paid off. Thanks for the laugh!
  3. I’ve gotten a ticket or two in Podunk Texas over the years. I just paid mine....I hope you beat yours! Thats a good idea. Believe it or not it never crossed my mind to handle it that way. I hope it can be resolved quickly or I’ll have to start carrying one of those typed sheets around listing pertinent medical info. Thank you for your help! 🙂
  4. If I misunderstood your comments then I apologize as well. I assumed they would charge a fee for sending the records so, I have been waiting for a response to take care of it all with one check. However, as I mentioned earlier, his office is 2 hours away and I only owe him $50.
  5. You would be incorrect. If you had read my earlier reply you’d know that I do have supporting documentation. Even so, I fail to see what my Dx has to do with it. Fact 1: Under Texas law I have the right to ask for a correction or amendment. Fact 2: The provider is required to respond regardless of their decision to correct. Fact 3: The provider has not responded. I am here seeking advice on the best way to proceed from here. I didn’t come here to be anyone’s punching bag. Thank you
  6. Per the Texas Attorney General’s website: Right to request that your health records be corrected or amended. Be aware: Once you have made such a request, the provider or health plan must respond and if they do not agree with your requested corrections, must notify you in writing and explain why your request was denied. You have the right to submit a statement or disagreement that the provider or plan must add to your record.
  7. One of the diagnosis’s he made is completely incorrect. My referring physician doesn’t agree with it and my other medical records don’t substantiate it. I cited these reasons in my request. Here is the administrative code: b) Deadline for Release of Records. The requested copies of medical and/or billing records or a summary or narrative of the records shall be furnished by the physician within 15 business days after the date of receipt of the request and reasonable fees for furnishing the information. (c) Denial of Requests for Records. If the physician denies the request for copies of medical and/or billing records or a summary or narrative of the records, either in whole or in part, the physician shall furnish the patient a written statement, signed and dated, within 15 business days of receipt of the request stating the reason for the denial and how the patient can file a complaint with the federal Department of Health and Human Services (if the physician is subject to HIPAA) and the Texas Medical Board. A copy of the statement denying the request shall be placed in the patient's medical and/or billing records as appropriate. (g) Non-emergent Requests. In the event the physician receives a proper request for copies of medical and/or billing records or a summary or narrative of the records for purposes other than for emergency or acute medical care, the physician may retain the requested information until payment is received. If payment is not routed with such a request, within ten calendar days from receiving a request for the release of such records, the physician shall notify the requesting party in writing of the need for payment and may withhold the information until payment of a reasonable fee is received. A copy of the letter regarding the need for payment shall be made part of the patient's medical and/or billing record as appropriate.
  8. Thank you for your snarky answer. I received the bill the day AFTER I sent my request. The provider’s office is 2 hours away. Have a nice day.
  9. I sent a request to a provider, by certified mail, to correct a portion of my medical record about 6 weeks ago but, I’ve not received any response. I also asked for a copy of the record once it was corrected. According to the Texas Medical Board administrative code, the provider had 15 days to respond to my request. I also see that the provider can withhold records for full payment (which I have not paid yet) but they were still required to respond to my request explaining why records were being withheld. The error on my record is serious enough that it could could be detrimental in case of an emergency and having it timely corrected is a top priority. I can file file a complaint with the medical board but I’m not sure how that will help me and I’m afraid my request will continue to be ignored by simply sending a check. I’m really not sure what I should do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. The buyer qualified through a traditional mortgage lender, but is trying to qualify through an ag lender in order to finance livestock and equipment at a later time. He has told me the lenders are questioning financing a parcel of the land instead of the entire property. As I said before though, I am unsure which party the delay rests on. I have spoken with a real estate agent and plan on listing it on the open market next week if the prospective buyer does not give me some solid information by this weekend. The bankruptcy attorney that I spoke with told me that because of the type of loan (one year interest only) he couldn't help me and didn't advise filing until the bank actually notified me of a foreclosure. He said even then, filing would only stall the foreclosure for about three months giving me some time to try to sell it, otherwise the bank would get it in the end. He also suggested talking to the bank since they are way over secured and see if they would extend the loan for a few months. I thought that there were exemptions that were designed to protect interest in some types of property. Does the type of loan make a difference in these exemptions?
  11. Last May I purchased my home with a 1 year interest only loan that was recommended by my loan officer because there were problems trying to finance the home with the amount of acreage. The property is financed for about 40 percent of its valuation but is secured by the entire property. This loan comes due in 9 days. I lost my job and haven't found another yet. The bank says they will not renew the loan without employment. I have someone trying to buy part of the land, but either they or their banker are dragging their feet and I'm no longer confident the sale will go through. I am current on all my payments so far. I spoke with a bankruptcy attorney and he advised me that filing would not be in my best interest until the bank began foreclosure and all I could hope for by filing would be to hold off foreclosure by about three months. Does anyone have any suggestions? I stand to lose around $70,000 in equity. Thanks in advance and my state is Texas.
  12. A 120 lb. woman slaps a 180 lb. man and this is the wisdom you have to share? Personal injury? Respond with force? In this case, your statements are absurd.
  13. I suppose I should have said something, but because the harassment never took place at work, I didn't think HR was the best venue for a complaint, nor would I have felt safe at home if this person had lost their job due to a complaint I made against them. Thank you for the replies. I have a better understanding of why my employer made the decision that they did, although I still think the punishment far exceeded the crime.
  14. Perhaps, however the point that I am trying to make is that another employee repeatedly assaulted other coworkers and although it was reported, no action was ever taken. The company policy allows for 1. written warning 2. suspension for a period of time, or 3. termination. How can a company choose to implement strict policy for one employee, but completely overlook it for another? I wanted to add that the harassment did not take place at work, therefore I saw no reason to report it to HR.
  15. Yes, it was unprofessional, I agree. But if you were aware of the facts surrounding the incident, you wouldn't be so quick to judge.
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