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  1. I recently received a letter from my mortgage Servicer, Ocwen Loan Servicing, saying they had sold my loan to a new Company, PHH Loan Servicing. A few years ago, I had my mortgage modified through the HAMP Program. I had a "Deferred Principal Balance" that was supposed to roll off, in increments, over time. The Deferred Principal Balance began around $10,000.00, but 2 had already rolled off, leaving one due to roll off this coming November 1st, for around $3,300.00. This is IN WRITING in my mortgage modification agreement. but! the new servicer, PHH, has just rolled that remaining Deferred Principal Balance INTO my Principal Balance. I have not been late, or defaulted on my modification agreement in any way. Are they allowed to do that? How do I address this?
  2. Ok, this is not straightforward. A man named [redacted] Prince, of South Carolina, needed to borrow some money, and asked my brother David, if he would buy his truck. David gave Prince the money, and Prince KINDA signed over the truck to him. They were pals, so David never SIGNED the title, thinking Prince might want it back. The transfer was never officially completed, paperwork-wise. Prince's truck sat at David's house, in South Carolina, for some time. Prince died. Then my brother David died last year. David had no Will, so his estate went to his daughter, my niece, Holly. Holly and her husband found the old title to the truck, not properly filled out or transferred, and decided they didn't want to mess with it, so they just left it out of Probate, as it wasn't OFFICIALLY Davids, and gave the truck and title to my mom - also Davids mom - Holly's grandmother. My mom brought the truck to me, in Tennessee, and gave ME this title, such as it is. On the back of the title where it says "Assignment of a Vehicle" someone has put Davids name and address, but David never signed it. It looks like someone penciled a date in at a later time, 1-4-17, I think, but it doesn't look like pen. By "Signature of Seller" is [redacted] Prince's name printed, signature, and address. I don't know what to do with this. I could sure use a vehicle, but this title stuff is a mess, and some people say I should just sign MY name, others say I need a certificate of death on one or both men, and some say Holly must reopen Probate and find some way to complete the transfer of the title into Davids name, THEN put it in HER name, then sign it over to me. Of course, just to make things as complicated and difficult as possible, mom and I are estranged from Holly, so working with her, expecting her to do a bunch of paperwork and such, on mom's or my behalf isn't really likely. Mom was amazed that she brought the truck to her. Anyway, how can I get this truck properly titled and registered to me, here in TN? [redacted]
  3. In 2017 a friend of my brothers had some financial problems, and asked my brother if he would give him $2,000.00 for his truck. My brother paid his friend cash for the truck and the friend signed the title over. My brother decided NOT to sign the Title, nor to get it registered, incase his friend resolved his issues and wanted to buy the truck back later. After a few months, when my brother saw that his friend wasn't going to want it back, he told our mom that she could have the truck, and he would sign it over to her and get it registered and tagged for her when he got around to it. Sadly, my brother had a heart attack and died last June, and he had never gotten around to taking care of the paperwork on the truck. He didn't have a Will, so all of his possessions went to his only child, his daughter. She knew he intended to give the truck to our mom, her grandmother, so she respected those wishes. Apparently, the man who sold my brother the truck has also passed away in the intervening time. So, now my mom has the truck, and the title, that has been signed by the previous owner over to my brother, but who never signed the title himself, and never paid the taxes or registered the vehicle. How does my mom get this vehicle registered in her name so she can get tags and use this truck legally?
  4. My Father passed away Christmas day 2003. He and my mother were long divorced, he had re-married in the mid 80s, and was estranged from myself and my siblings since that time. His 2nd wife went to some efforts to make sure we were estranged and stayed that way. I had one sister and two brothers and we all tried to keep contact, then later, re-establish contact several times, though, perhaps not enough. I wouldn't have even known he had died if it hadn't been for HIS sister, my Aunt, informing me. Thankfully, she was notified in time and was able to notify me, and I was able to notify my siblings, all in time for us to make it to his funeral. I don't believe my father had anything that could be considered an "Estate", and I have no reason to believe he would have left anything to us, his first family, even if he did. But, I believe he was responsible enough to have left a Will. While there was no money to leave, or his 2nd wife would be entitled to it if there was, I cant help but want to read it! I would like to know if maybe he left a letter for us, maybe sentimental items that would only be valuable to US. I was away in College when my father met and married his 2nd wife, and as a gift to him, I put together a photo album for him. Nearly every picture we had of him (without my mother), his parents and siblings, and of course, the four of us kids. This was in the mid 80's, and I was broke, so it didn't occur to me to have copies made up of those pictures, and they should have no value for his Widow..... she may have destroyed them long ago, but if not, I would very much like to have them back. My youngest brother and older sister have both passed away.... My sister lived in Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina hit there, and she lost everything, including her photographs, so I have very few pictures of her. My father was a retired Air Force Officer, and he received a Purple Heart when he was wounded in service. He was shot during the time of Vietnam and when the bullets were removed from his body he kept them, and had them made into cuff links. He was long retired before he ever met his 2nd wife, and I feel those items should remain in OUR family. I know I have no Rights to them, but IF by chance he put them in a Will earmarked for us, I would so love that. After he retired, and before he remarried, for several years he sold Insurance. He was not still working there when he passed away, but I believe he would have had a Life Insurance Policy, and possibly have earmarked us as beneficiaries, so maybe there would actually be a little money there, I don't know. I have been told that Wills are supposed to be public record, and as his daughter, I should be able to obtain a copy, but his wife has never filed his death certificate with the State of South Carolina nor any other paperwork concerning his estate. Is there anything I can do, any means by which I might be able to find out more information, or compell her to share his will with me or my remaining brother? Any help or suggestions you might have would be appreciated. Thank You
  5.   I'm not sure this is the proper category for this question, if not, please let me know under what category of Law you think would be more applicable. I applied for a foreclosure prevention program called 'Hardest Hit Fund'. This is a federal program, granted to some States. Here in Tennessee, there is no longer a State housing agency, instead we have private agencies who handle all the programs formerly administered by a State Housing Agency. The private agency that applied for and was granted the contract for administering the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) Program here in TN is THDA - Tennessee Housing Development Agency. I applied for this program through another private agency called 'Eastern Eights' - I guess they are maybe like sub-contractors for THDA, for the North East Tennessee area. I found out about the Hardest Hit Fund Program after speaking with my Mortgage Servicer, who recommended that I speak to a Certified Housing Counselor. I went online to US.gov to find out more about HHF, and what it took to qualify for this program. I could see that I would qualify for it, so I applied for it through Eastern Eights. They initially turned me down for the program, but I knew that I qualified, so I re-applied and kept calling, writing, checking up on my application, and re-applying again. It took almost 2 years before Eastern Eights finally determined that yes, I was qualified. The HHF Program seeks to help people affected by this Economic Downturn to prevent foreclosure on their homes by making your mortgage payments for you, directly to your mortgage servicer, for 2 or 3 years. Once my application was approved, I was told that it is administered like a Loan, and therefore I would have to come in to sign paperwork - they called it a "Closing". My loan that I had to sign was for $40,000.00, even though my mortgage payments are such that 3 years of mortgage payments would only amount to $17,000.00, I still had to sign documents accepting responsibility for $40,000.00. I don't quite understand all the logic of doing it this way, but I am in no position to quibble, so I agreed and signed their documents. I closed on this "loan" October 17, 2012. Now it is over six months later, and THDA and Eastern Eights have yet to disperse one dime to my mortgage servicer. I have inquired several times, to both agencies, is there some problem? is there anything I can do to help? do you need any additional documents? When my mortgage servicer had not recieved any funds two months after the 'closing', I began to get nervous and called Eastern Eights. I was told to just be patient, that sometimes it takes a couple of months to get the funds dispersed, and sometimes it is the mortgage servicers fault - that they GET the money, but just dont apply it to the applicants account for awhile. Look. I am very far behind in my mortgage payments, so my mortgage servicer calls me EVERY DAY. I speak to them EVERY DAY. It is NOT the servicer. So, my question is, is there anything I can do to compell THDA to honor the contract they have with me before my mortgage servicer forecloses on my home? IF so, WHAT?? Where do I go? What should I do? Any advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.
  6. Thanks so much for the answers! I will let him know! I don't know if he will be able to afford it, but if he can, I'm sure it would be a boon to him. He has been through rough times these last few years, and maybe this would provide him with some stability, and responsibility..... a positive thing to help him get back on track. Thanks again for the information
  7. I'm just trying to find out some helpful info for a friend. His mother just passed away shortly before Christmas. The family house is located in Florida and her husband passed away many years ago. The house was left to be divided equally between 4 siblings. My friend was living with his mother and taking care of her the final 2 or 3 years of her life. He is the youngest. His oldest sibling, his sister, is Executor, and all 4 siblings thought it would be fair to just sell the house and divide the money evenly among them. He is still living in the house and will be the one to meet with Real Estate Agents and show the house, etc. He doesn't know yet what the value of the property is, and so doesn't know if he could even afford the payments, so really, finding out the value is going to determine if he can even consider this, but he is thinking maybe he could get a mortgage and buy out his siblings? Is that even allowed under Florida Law?
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