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  1. I took my favorite bag of gummy bears & worms to work today. I reach in the bag and eat a few in between calls. I put some in my mouth and after chewing it I tasted something awful and bitter mixed in with the worm.I spit into my hand and put the contents into a plastic Dixie cup. It was like black geI. I wiped my hand across a white napkin and there was what looked like blood smears all over. I washed my mouth out and looked through the bag.I saw a different color of dark red coated in areas across the candy.I would assume normally that it was syrup from the candy becoming warm,however I keep them in the fridge.To see if it was melting candy I took a tiny taste on my pinky. afterall I already had chewed it. I had to be sure what it was or wasn't. To my horror it was the taste of pure blood.I am certain I chewed up somethings blood in my candy. I am mortified and sick.I don't know what to do first, so I came here.
  2. forasecor2

    do I have a recourse as a new tenant?

    It is because I'm having trouble with this connection and I've lost the post three times in editing, so I typed it fast to get the question out there..
  3. Saw an ad on craiglist to rent a camper aka 5th wheel . Included all utitlities and amenities such as HD cable with all the movie channels and lightening wifi.The owners girlfriend handled the dealing since he wasn't available.I saw there was no cable and she said it would be hooked up. We didn't have the full deposit of 600.00 but the ad said it was payable in 3 increments. We told her we had a tax return coming that would cover it which is true.We paid the rent in full . when we got in, we found the place was infested with fleas.we had hundreds of bites. She did get me a fogger. Ive also found that the hot water and stove run on propane.we got one hot shower and one use of the stove.There's been none since, so the propane must be out.I told the guy and he said he would take care of it . A week later my husband asks him and he said he told me I have to go get it. that's just not true. The guys Mother (who is the actual owner) shows up from Miami, and started coming to my door several times a day and calling our phones repeatedly asking for that deposit. It isn't normal, its to the point of harassment. No one addresses our issues. I asked again about the cable and was told its 200.00 to hook it up and when I pay my deposit some of it would be used for that purpose. (????) I asked for a copy of the lease and have not been given one.The owners son came again this morning and told me if I cant pay the deposit I have to leave.My rent is paid until Friday. Ive never seen such behavior before and don't know what my recourse is. we are in Palm Bay Florida. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  4. My mother had health issues dementia, and was declared incompetent by APS.My half sister sally was made temporary guardian.She contacted me to come live with mom and help her.I moved to Moms' house in NC for 3 months, and got her better, and her house in clean functioning condition.My mother and I were always close,and she always told me I would inherit what little she and (my late stepfather of 33 yrs) would leave behind,which was the house and a small bank account. Sally (21 yrs my senior from mom's first marriage) took off and didnt come back.sAs guardian,she was supposed to pay utilities for my mom, and stopped.My mom was all upset and scared because she was getting calls about cutting off several utilities.She wanted me to be her guardian from there on, these were her wishes,we didnt proceed legally.There wasnt time because once my sister saw that I was paying the utilities she came back,and fooled my mom into thinking I was stranger and had me police escorted out on a rainy sunday evening,without a dime in my pocket and leaving behind all my furniture and belongings.my mother was in and out of mental clarity,and I could see that living with her.it was hard to believe and accept.Once I was out,my mom begged me to come back and was sorry she didnt understand what was going on.My mother told me Sally brought people to her bedroom to sign papers,she thought they were lawyers but wasnt sure, but she said to me "dont worry,I signed the blank paper just to fool them".I received a call from Sally afterwards telling me that Mom made a will,and left her everything.Several months had passed,and I found out on the internet that my Mom died this December. No one got in touch with me.I called Sally, she said my mother had been in the mental the hospital a few days,and was put into a nursing home (against her will) She never wanted to leave her 3 beloved dogs and always said shed die if she did..16 weeks later, she died from failure to thrive. sally told me I'd be happy to know I was named in the will, for $1.00.She was eager to send a personal check for $1,000.00 with the memo reading (from mom).My lucid Mother would never have done this especially to me, I have letters over the years from her to the contrary.my questions: proving my mother didnt know what she was signing might be difficult if she told only me, but did the lawyer who went to her bedroom, have to have a Dr's.evaluation of my Moms mental capacity,as to whether she was capable of making such legal decisions? I know without a doubt an instance of foul play took place. please help?