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  1. There is documentation in which the contractor and management had knowledge of this discovery and did not inform me or my co workers, but rather have tried to cover it up. I have not had time to see if I inhaled any of it, and from what I have read it can take some time, being years in some cases, for it to show in an x-ray. The only other option is to get blood work done. I live in Washington state.
  2. if your employer knows that there is hot asbestos in an area of your work that you may have come into contact with and has you work in said area and does not tell you it is there, is there anything you can do about it? My employer is going through a re-model of my store and upon pulling up some of the carpet, found traces of capsulized hot asbestos. The machines that they use scrapes the floor though and I read a few different places that it can be released into the air if disturbed. I am not very concerned about whether or not I have inhaled it, I have health insurance that will cover the looking into of that, I am more interested in weather or not I can take legal action against the negligence of the company. I found out about this from one of the contractors doing the demolition and upon bringing it to managements attention that I knew they told me that I needed to keep it to myself to "keep from causing unnecessary panic".
  3. I have a two and a half year old son. His mother and I are not together. I pay my child support on time. However I do not get to see him but once every few months. We both live in Washington State. I signed her copy of a parenting plan back in may of 2011, however either it has not been filed or she does not follow that agreement we have. So here are my questions: 1. Can I re-file a parenting plan? 2. Where should I go about doing so? 3. How do I find out if she has filed said plan?
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