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  1. My husband and I got a credit card from ***** Bank. We used the card, then my husband got a letter from them saying they had canceled/closed his account due to his credit score. The card was pre approved, so you would think they were aware of his credit score beforehand. Regardless, the phone calls started before my husband even activated the card. They were repeated, every day of the week, several times a day. The calls stopped for a few weeks after the card was activated, but then started up again after we got the first bill. It wasn't even 5 days due and they started calling. We tried to set up a payment date for my husband's next payday. However this didn't stop the phone calls. They just kept calling and calling. Even calling my husband's job, which meant that he had to stop working to go to the phone, the bank, however, had hung up by the time he got there. It had gotten to the point that we had to tell them to cease calling his job and remove the number, or my husband was going to get fired. We have tried to find a lawyer to take our case because we do wish to press charges against the bank, but we haven't had any positive responses. We admit and agree that we owe the bill, however we contest and protest the harassment of the numerous calls that endanger my husband's job as he's the only one working right now. We are in the Denver, CO area, any suggestions would be appreciated.