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  1. Another thing......... The Man? C'mon Momma
  2. In short answer form, An Attorney should be consulted in any facet of the Judicial System. As an Attorney is more familiar with the Laws in that State and would better know what recourse would be afforded to you. I wish you luck and hopefully , the two of you can see eye to eye an agree upon the best support for the child without a Courtroom
  3. This is one of those fill in the blank issues..... well, just to generally answer u a lil bit.... no Criminal Background (PRIORS) is important. However, there is Great Debate in this Country concerning Illegal Firearms/weapons. so that is something to consider also. Hopefully, this helps. Rules of Engagement........GET A GREAT Attorney.
  4. I sympathize and empathize w yu, its all political. Ms. u are going to need an attorney for your son. And you may wanna write the Mayor and the Chief of Police and give em a piece of ur mind. I highly doubt it will change the process, but ya never know. At least have the guts to express ur grievances and/or complaints you already have the RIGHT to do so!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. well the good news is that u may have a shot at expungement, but that depends on the State u live in and the Law there with regard to being relieved of the Felony period or a certificate of good conduct may be ur only solution. The whole situation boils down to this, DISCRETION. Yes, its discretionary. I hope you have had a platinum report with the Probation Department and not have been re-arrested for anything. It's definitely a process, However, check for any Constitutional Law Centers in the State where you live.
  6. Are Guns really the problem?

  7. dnt panic it usually takes about a month before ur money is returned however yu have to stay on top of them and if it becomes a pain find ur local better business bureau and make a grievance. Good luck.
  8. This is So Ridiculous!!!!!! I see ur stance is more PERSONAL than POLITICAL. U have a much much better chance of hitting the Lottery in ALL 50 States...on the same day.
  9. first, fire the Property Manager, it was him who started all of that stuff. Secondly, attempt to result the issue amicably between the two of yu. If all else fails u might wanna grab an Attorney or save urself some money and Google Search the Landlord/Tenant statutes in California.
  10. It Really sucks, because, we ADULTS are so childish at times that we dnt realize that it is the KIDS that bear the burden of our ineptitude.
  11. This is a very unfortunate reality for many women across the nation. Ur husband seems to be caught in a Catch-22 of sorts. How is it that ur prego by ur hubby and in the next breath say get a DNA test. dnt believe that went as so, but who am i to judge? and I am not. I am making an observation.Come on girlfriend get it together. I mean him being mean so u say is just misguided and misdirected angry that should be aimed at u. No, i am not condoning any facet of Domestic Violence, but u nd to go grab some Clinical Psycology sessions. Still, great luck to u and ur family
  13. Technically, any money in the account belongs to who is on the account, and in this case since it is a Joint Account the money is equally shared so, if either of you owe any money to ANYONE, its open season on that account for whoever you owe. This is pretty much contingent on the LAW(S) in your state. I would check your State's Statute of Limitations with respect to Written Contracts and or Promissary notes there may very well be a Legal Loophole for you two to slide through. Sure, you may be able to bring some form of Civil Suit against your girlfriend, and that's not a clean look for you in the eyes of your family and friends. I guess your last form of recourse, if any would be to just pay it and chalk it up as a lesson learned.
  14. im sorry i will get bakk to yu