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  1. My child is now 10 years old and I was stating the fact that I have been in his life since he was 5 months old for those reading this to understand the bond. My STBX has only been in his life 4 years. My attorney said he and the OC can say anything but it is ultimately up to the judge to decide. I was posting to see if anyone has ever come across a child that receives monthly State Funds being used as a reason for the noncustodial parent to get out of or use to decrease their portion of the child support to be determined.
  2. I adopted a five month old foster child (took 4 years of red tape) and this child has special needs so I have him in a private school that is paid for by the state funds. My soon to be ex who adopted my child a year and 1/2 ago now says with his attorney that he does not have to pay child support as the child receives money form the state. My husband makes $10,000.00 more than I do and said that since the child is not of his blood he should not receive any money. What is right?