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  1. After the judge heard my testimony she lifted the restrictions about interactions with my co-worker. I am legally allowed to work at the same location with him but with minimal contact. But after seeing how my coworker has easily lied several times over i am afraid to be within walking distance of this man. I explained the situation to my direct supervisor he mad it clear that "he doesnt have any problem with me working from the other location but becasue one of the woman who does what i do is leaving on vacation that he needs me there for two weeks" and thereafter that "we can work something out". Also that he will be out the office several days during that time, leaving me there in that department by myself. I shared my concerns about the situation and it fell on deaf ears. This is not the first time they had done this.
  2. I have reported the incident since day one. I have an attorney working against this individual and my employer now forcing me to work under those condition? there is no contract i can not see why they can not relocate them and have me under this hostile situation.
  3. Ok...so what are my rights as an employee, to litigate against them for wrongful negligence to do something about the situation. I mean they did not want to take under consideration that they can fire him or move him?
  4. i have a pending litigation with a co-worker. Not that i have prove to you or anyone of my innocense on why I have a order of protection from him at the job site, but I had stated to my employer that I refuse to work there with this person having this hanging over my head. He can easily call the police on me if i even sneezed. I had made a suggestion that i be transferred out of that location to another office which they did not want to do. My employer stated that they needed me there. So i suggested why cant they move him to the other location so i can have peace and work at my present location. They said that their lawyer stated that this can no be done because of legal issue. So, I left the office for them to think about it and i got a call from my supervisor and he stated that I have to show up at same branch or else there would be disciplinary action. In other words, I would be fired. If i get fired for refusing to return to my branch office, due to hostile environment, would this be detrimental for me to receive unemployment? i mean i would not mind returning back to work if they relocate him and the others to simmer down on their harrassing approaches that i have been getting from them. This takes place in New York.
  5. this happen in nyc......the bottles of liquor were provided by the company...but we served ourselves.
  6. After a holidayt party, i was assaulted by a co-worker off company grounds. The party included liquor which caused a co-worker to spas out and i was assulted. The co-worker put out a warrant on me as the cluprit, which is not true. it is the other way around. when approaching my supervisor of the incident, they did not want to get involved and did not want to hear my side and said to work it out with this Dr. **** and Mr. ****. I feel harrassed by this co-worker. I returned to work but feel not only by this individual but the whole staff. Do I have case, although it did not happen on property grounds, but we were still on the clock at the party, which they served liquor?
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