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  1. I was injured on the job three years ago. Diagnosed with spondylolesthesis, bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing. This was a workers comp claim. Was treated and got back to work. In November of last year the pain in my lower back was so bad I could not work. I was told this was my own medical situation. I sought treatment and again got back to work. I was back at work not more than two days and was written up on a bunch of crap. My back pain was severe at this time and I called in to let them know and was told I had ran out of points{so I lost my job} I was denied unemployment because they told the state I abandoned my job. I have tried to find another job but the pain in my back, and now both legs is severe and often debilitating. I have though about disability but attorneys tell me since I am not currently under a physicians csre they won't help. I was seen in the er about three weeks ago, and again the diagnoses is the same, with the addition of sciatica. Is there any way to prove that this ongoing condition is a reoccurance of the previous injury and should be treated as workeers comp? spondy is a shift of the vertebrae in my lower back, l-5 s-1 narrowing causes pressure on the sciatic nerves and is unbelievably painful no history of back problems before injury occured
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