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  1. Thank you everyone. I'll make sure we fill out that form. A few years ago, she loaned me $78,000. $28,000 and then 50,000. About a year later, i was able to repay the $28,000 in one check just as it was given to me. Of course, now, I cannot repay the $50,000. She knows this. She told me to forget about it and keep it. I need to write up a statement and fill out a separate one that she converted the $50,000 loan to a gift? She has an estate of about $2 million liquid cash, a bunch of it inherited and they are in 33 certificates of deposit. She has 14 nieces and nephews, never married. 7 of those nieces and nephews have never once visited her in her home when she bought a new one in 1978. She is not going to leave them anything. I have a brother she is not going to leave a dime. I have 4 other siblings that she is going to leave them a certificate of deposit that is marked payable upon death. From 10k to 35k. The bank said the certificates are NOT part of the estate. They said once she dies the immediately become the property of the inheritor that was named as payable upon death. The lady from the bank said she has had someone die and the estate attorneys show up and wants lists of the certificates of deposits and demand them. They remind the attorneys they are not his property and they leave steaming mad. 7 years ago, her brother left her about a million in certificates of deposit. He was single also and lived with her. He owned a truck only. The attorney for his estate added up all his certificates of deposit and his truck sold for $11,700 and he charged her about $12,000 for attorney fee's for the state. The bank said that those certificates were her property and that attorney knew better and should not have charged her a fee when they were hers. This is in Ohio. That didn't seem right to me at all. He even went with her to the bank to get my uncles lock box opened. He took everything out of his briefcase and showed everyone the box was empty and he closed his briefcase and literally left the bank. We truly have no idea what was in that lock box and only take his word on it that there were only certificate papers in it. No cash, photo's or anything else. I wanted to do something at the time but my 85 yr old aunt was about 78 yrs old then and was afraid if she spoke up he might sue her for calling his name into question and would not allow anyone to proceed to call him on it. Again, we are in Ohio. I am NOT greedy, but only found out about a bunch of this when my uncle died. My aunt told me that she was putting the bulk of those certificates in my name and my moms', her sister. We literally are that close. She could be penny poor and I would still go over and take her to the store and visit. It breaks my heart that I have cousins who have not even stepped in her home. They are the type that you might not see for 5 years and then will get a call from them wanting to borrow money. No. No thank you, have a nice life. I do appreciate your help. I got sick with osteo arthritis and I can no longer work. I applied for Social Security benefits and they just mailed me a letter saying it was denied and telling me how I could proceed to get another ruling. Sometimes, all this adding up gets on my nerves and is quite upsetting. We do not want to break the law in any way and now I know she has to fill out that form. Thank you all gain for responding and helping out. I have zero funds to make an appointment with an attorney locally to get any advice.
  2. I have a question to make sure I am correct on IRS procedure. If my aunt gives me a check for more than $50,000 as a gift, I do not have to declare the money. She doesn't have to declare it either but is only allowed to give up to $1 million in her lifetime, then either she or the receiver must pay taxes on it. correct? She is wealthy. I am now unemployed due to health. I applied for Social Security benefits and the denied my application. This is just the first round. I was hoping they approved it so I did not have to appeal to the next step. Right now, I could use $15k to totally wipe out my bills. I have no sick pay left and have lost my health and prescription insurance. So, if she wanted to give me more, that would last me quite some time. She has told me that I could have any amount I needed but I hate asking even though she constantly tells me "it's just sitting there and not doing me any good. I could never spend it all in my lifetime". I am 53 and she is 85. I don't like asking but will have to ask until i get some sort of income coming in. I just wanted to make sure if she wrote me a check for let's say $20k, I could pay off my bills and have $5k left. If she made it for like $50k, I could pay off my bills and some of my moms and still have money left over. She has most of it in about 33 certificates of deposits at about 8 different banks. She has always held firm that those she choses to leave a cd to, could spend it after she died and not before. Now, she wants to give me some money and I feel kinda bad that I'm in this shape and do not want to do anything illegal. If she gives anything to me, she would write "gift" in the memo on the check.
  3. He's Greek living in the UK right now. I am going to take his threats in emails and video and ask for an order or protection. He and I are in a dispute. I invested money and 2 yrs later we got in huge fight. He told me my 30,000 shares rose to 300,000 due to a stock consolidation. At no time did he ever give me any thing, no dividends, no stock reports, meeting reports. Nothing. After we fought he gave back my original money and said that 300,000 were a personal gift he no longer wanted me to have. I don't believe him and want a court to force him to honor that agreement. The last time, he bought my original stock back, he lowered my 30,000 shares to 300 and paid $6.65 per share. Then the next day refunded the rest. Since he set the price at $6.65, I want the court to order him to buy those 300,000 shares at that price. It's an easy quick story but to a real lawyer, I'd have a few dozen emails relating to this and about 1,500 between us for a two year period. So now he is in the UK, I want them to deny him access to come back. Although he could still call up someone and give them my personal information and send them to harm me or my family. Without a high profile attorney that specializes in SEC doing it on contingency, who can sue the son of a billionaire? I swear, I don't lie. I'd give the attorney 75% to get me a win in court plus damages for depression and stress he has caused me. I realize these forums are for general advice and conversation, but if I had the case all laid out. gave the file to an attorney and waited for him to say yes or no, if they said no, then I'd have to move on to find another one. I'm going to have the full folder done in one week and maybe just post it. I didn't do anything illegal so do not have anything to hide. He has broke laws and I owe him no loyalty.
  4. I need a good SEC attorney that will file a lawsuit for at least 2 million plus damages. I'd give him 75%. I cannot contribute a dime so it would have to be contingency. I live in Ohio and the person I want to sue lives in beverly hills. That attorney would probably get a lot of press so they better be prepared to handle that. He just threatened me again to expose my real information to chatters and had someone he knows say my name on a chat site. I have a video where he threatened a reporter and told his followers to send him death threats. He is now in the UK. I am going to ask that his passport be revoked and bar him entry into the United States since I have video's and emails of his threats.
  5. the show is now in a traveling rv. they are going to reno. the site owner said nevada had no laws about using a hidden camera with sound so they will be ok to do that.
  6. This is going on in california. The rich guy lives in Beverly hills. He has a website for tv and movies. I don't think I am allowed to type out his name or his website? One could google it. He owns a videochat site where he offered one million dollars to the first person who would streak the President of the United States. He runs the site from his home in Beverly Hills. People from all over the world can log in. It does not have anywhere near the numbers of users it claims to have according to that alexxa counting site. So you can be in Denver, Colorado and accept a challenge from him. $250 to call a pizza guy and scream rape. as posted once before, this rich guy had an article written about him that he did not like. he got on cam and told his followers to call up the reporter and give him death threats. these criminal acts go across state lines when his people obey and call up someone and harass them at his bidding.
  7. There is a website that caters to trolls. It's mean spirited and the owner likes to pay people to do all sorts of nasty stuff. One guy was paid to take a dump on his floor and write the name of the website in it. One guy was paid to take a dump on his girlfriends stomach. One guy was paid to get on his knee's and let a friend urinate all over him. The owner laughs hysterically as these poor people do his bidding for money. A woman dresses in a nighty and orders a pizza. The pizza driver comes over and she invites him in. As she's getting the money, she wants the driver to check her out too. After a few minutes the driver sits down. Sometimes the driver will fling off his hat, shirt and lower his pants as he sits on the couch. Then , the woman screams "RAPE RAPE RAPE". The guy scrambles to get the F88K out of there !! She collects her money from the site owner and the crowd laughs. he pizza man has no idea he's being recorded with sound and video and broadcast on the internet live into a chatroom. Tonight, the site owner is trying to get another woman to do this stunt again. I could throw up. Is that legal? Can the site owner get in trouble ? Screaming rape. that poor guy about had a stroke.
  8. why was the url to the death threat video removed?
  9. Follow up question. You just read all about how someone's information can be used to order the pizza's , limosines, and other stuff sent to their homes. Is the "rich guy" liable for his part of it when he is the one passing out your information to his followers in the chat room, KNOWING full well what they will all do with it? Secondly, to see the "rich guy" in action, here is a video of him that was posted on a website. A reporter did a story on him and he told everyone to look for it coming out soon. The reporter did indeed to a story on him and it was not flattering at all. So this rich guy is sitting at his desk, calmly eating a bowl of soup and then he passes out the reporters name and telephone number and orders them to do this ::: So, as you can see, there would be retaliation if someone sued him because of him being rich and his threats.
  10. A rich guy gets mad at someone over the internet in a chat room. He offers $5,000 to anyone who will give them the information about UserA. Rich guy wants his name, address, city and state and telephone number if you have it. That's called "doxxing". To get your "docs" or documents on someone and then passing out their information. Once you get "doxed", everyone will know your information. So they can now send pizza's to your house night after night. They can call up tow trucks and say that you want your car towed and it's on your property. They can order limo's, hookers and all sorts of services and send them to your house. So, despite getting "doxxed". Is it illegal for the Rich guy to tell your information to the people on his website who use his chat room? That's my lone question. I'll give you an example of doxing. This rich guy guy evidently in "fun" gave out some guys information. People were sending pizza's minute after minute to this guys house. "haha" or so the Rich guy thought. So, the rich guy and his girlfriend, 18 yrs younger than him, go at a posh hotel and someone finds out the room number. They call the hotel and rather than ask for the room, they ask for the kitchen ! Then when they answer "kitchen". You say you are "Rich guy in room 830 and that you want the most expensive bottle of champagne, chilled. You also want two lobsters with butter. You want 4 hamburgers and fries. You want 3 salads. You want 5 different desserts, etc". The kitchen sends all that stuff up to rich guy and he did not order it. He came back on his website chat room and said "I'LL CLOSE THIS F*CKING SITE DOWN". and everyone is saying "what?" "what?". It appears that room service set him back about $7,000 or so it was reported. He was pissed but everyone laugh he got a payback. That story was mildly funny to some. But one user had a girlfrend and small female child about 3. Someone called the police and said "I'm an 80 yr old man and they lock me up and cash my pension check. I got to a phone. They beat me. Can you send me some help before they kill me?". The police responded by swarming the house with a swat team. They break in "hands on the floor down on the floor". That couple didn't have any 80 yr old man in there. They got "swatted". THAT was not funny. It took valuable police services to verifhy there was no poor old man being beaten. I think they traced the call and the guy was charged with making a false report. That's a case of 'swatting" but they got his dox and did it. Bad things can happen if someone gets your dox. So again, can Rich guy be sued for giving out strangers your information when he pays $5,000. to get it? This rich guy has been recorded actually making a death threat against someone. People are afraid of him because of his threats. He is evidently a dual citizen between the USA and Greece. We'd like him deported since he threatens people.
  11. I believed at the time he was a friend. Let's say no one ever sold any food over the internet. I get this bright idea to sell apples. I am not only going to sell apples, I am going to put in a shopping cart that people can use to order. No one else has done anything like this ! (using that as a premise as an idea someone had and it was never done before) I tell my friend. I am having a few problems getting my site up and running but it is not up. A few weeks later, he's not only A. selling apples but B. has a shopping cart. He stole my "idea". Then after he did it, everyone else jumped on the band wagon.
  12. PersonA had an idea for a website. There is irrefutable proof that nothing of the kind existed. He told his best friend of about 16 yrs. PersonB. PersonB started up a website EXACTLY like it was described to him. PersonA said "HEY YOU STOLE MY WHOLE CONCEPT AND IDEA" PersonB said "you can't sue over an idea". PersonC made a website too and PersonB said on webcam that he was going to sue. Then later, he stated that his attorney evidently told him he could not sue over it. PersonA is just livid to this day the entire concept and idea was his and PersonB could care less. PersonB did offer a slight admission in an email stating "well, I guess I did remember you stating something about a website and giving away prizes" but you can't sue me over it. True?
  13. they got shut down haha someone called the firemarshall. when he went in he said "What the F*** is going on in here? He shut them down and made everyone leave ! That was in LA, CA.
  14. There is a website on the internet that has a chat site. The site picked 12 people to come to a "house" to compete for cash and prizes. The "house" is really an industrial building. It has metal beds bolted to the wall with chains holding them up as if it were a prison. The doors are locked with a security code and no one is supposed to leave unless they lose or are told to leave. So, basically, it's a cheap reality tv event going on. If it's an industrial buidling, are they allowed to use it for 12 people to sleep in for 30 days? Do they need permits from the city? Is it a fire violation to lock those doors? My main question was that I do not believe they can use the building since it's in the heart of the city and is used for storage? This is going on in LA, California. Others say it is no violation to host such an event and I disagree.
  15. Can someone refer me to a top notch SEC attorney in Ohio that might want to take on a case? I'm in central Ohio, Fairfield County
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