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  1. Does anyone know how long the employer has to report a injury to their insurance company in ny? if he failed to report it in that time limit would the insurance company deny my workers comp?
  2. Thank you so much for all the information. Everything was very helpful and will be using veteran service organization. Thank you again.
  3. thank you so much for your help. yea i actually been there i was admitted in the psych ward for week and now going through one on one therapy. i told my doctor about this and he was really upset and he did say if i do decide to take it to court he will gladly testify on my behalf. now do i talk to a personal injury lawyer for this matter?
  4. i sereved in the army from 2006-2009. when i came back i had trouble sleeping, drinking, anger and depression. the unit i was with discharge me because of this reason and diden't help me to get proper medical treatment. begining of this year i had to be hospitalized because of this problems. can i file law suit against the army for negligence and discharging me because of PTSD?
  5. ny state and the owner thought that i wasnt going to do any thing. i have to pay rent which i can't do, i have to attend school but i can't even drive for next month and half. he does not want to give workers comp thats for sure. on top of everything the pain i had to deal with for last month and half was really bad.
  6. i'am off the books so i'am really not a employee of the bar. The dram shop law am i covered by this because i had no control of how much this guy has been drinking
  7. I work as a bouncer in bar off the books and i was injured by a drunk person. I was trying to escort a person who was over served by the bartender out of the bar and he put little bit of resistance during this process. when i was taking him down the stairs he lost his balance and was fell down the stairs. when he fell he decided to grab me which made me fall right with him. i felt a pop on my knee and had to be taken to the hospital by a ambulance. when i spoke to a specialist the doctor said according to MRI i tore my acl, menescus, and damaged the bucket handle area of the knee. i had to have a emergency surgery because there was menescus caught in between bones which made my whole leg stiff. i do have a lawsuit going on against the drunk person but nothing agaist the bar. The owner of the bar thought i was just going tob let this go and never told his insurance company anything. Is there legal action i could take against the bar? i read the dram shop law which says nothing about not protecting the employees. It is not my fault bartender over served this guy and i found out that the guy was there before i even got to work and the same bartender kept serving him for over 6 hours.
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