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  1. I live in a small town and a regular customer at a chain eat-in restaurant. I had a friend that is a server at this restaurant. My friend and I have become estranged. Before this occurred, I was seeking employment at this restaurant, but I discovered that this ex-friend was turning the manager against me. I went by to speak to management...about my availability for hours changing. I barely got out the words when I was told that I was banned from the restaurant...forever...one other manager chimed-in. As a customer in the restaurant...I hadn't done anything wrong...the only thing I can think of is I had worn an anti-gay bullying tee-shirt. It is a tastefully designed shirt representing a legitimate charity I am a member of. My friend is a bit homophobic...I don't know what personal stuff between us was shared with the managers and staff when he turned on me. I haven't had an incident or had police called on me for anything, so I'm wondering, is it legal to ban me over just hearsay...when I haven't been legally charged with wrong doing both as a customer or personally outside the restaurant concerning my ex-friend? I know for a fact that after a fight in the restaurant the month before...the company didn't press charges on those customers, but had banned them...supposedly. I had in fact helped one of the managers repair the internet jukebox the next day after the brawl the night before...it had been ripped off the column in the bar area. These people had cause damages, damages which I had helped repair...for a free dinner. I thought I was building a report with one of the managers...in hopes of being hired as a regular employee in the future. I seemed that after my friend that works there as a server, turned on me...things began to go sour for me...and then when I tried to follow-up about my hours of availability with the head manager...I got the brush-off....told I was banned...with other employees backing them up. There had been no incident! The only thing that had happened was...I had passed my friends house and tried to speak when he was at the mailbox...to tell him about my Dad passing away...he had met my dad. He had jumped the gun and told me to leave just as I got the words out...he stopped to say 'he was sorry to hear it,' but then proceeded to beret me personally...yeah I know, some friend. That is all that occurred away from the restaurant mind you...prior to being told I was banned from the restaurant. I don't know what was said...he could've told them anything...once he turned on me... I was toast! Please advise me? Is this legal for the acting manager to do? She seems to be doing this on his behalf. I don't want any trouble with anyone...but I don't want my civil rights violated either.
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