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  1. I was in a car accident on 11/13/12. I was about to go through a green light when a driver in the opposite direction turned left in front of me after their leading green had changed. I braked but was unable to avoid impact and hit the other car in the rear passenger side. The other driver stated on her report she was turning at a yellow light. The responding officer told me she said she was trying "to beat the light", but that statement wasn't on the police report. I feel they are 100% liable for turning left in front of oncoming traffic. I incurred damages of $3,800.00 to my vehicle. I have no collision coverage. The other party's insurance company called to tell me they were only going to assume 60% of the liabilty. Small claims court in RI has a $2,500.00 limitation. I can't even accept the 60% payment and fight for the remaining 40% because they say if a check is issued they're released of any further damages. I have tried to see if I could retain an attorney on my behalf but have been told it wasn't worth taking to court. Do I have any other recourse, or am I entirely at their mercy? My insurance company told me they also asked them for 40% liability damages but they were denying it because it was pretty much a "slam dunk" case in my favor. The other party's insurance claims "she had control of the intersection" therefore they won't pay more than 60%. Sorry to go so in length with the details. I'd really appreciate advice even it means I should accept their offer. Thank You
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