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  1. The dance was for the entertainment of club members not company spirit and parts of it are provocative. GOOD NEWS! The bad boss backed down, she doesn't have to choose between her job and self respect this time.
  2. The only dancing I know of is during wedding receptions, not the bachelor party kind of dancing. Thank you for your advice!!
  3. It's definitely not a gentlemen's club or anything of that sort. It's only open on weekends for special events, and normally closes at 9pm.
  4. They call themselves a private social and business club. I can best describe it as a place where professionals from the downtown area go to attend/host private meetings, events, dinners, etc. It is difficult to define it as a social club or a business club because it really is a hybrid of the two. As far as she knows the video is meant to entertain the members of the club.
  5. My girlfriend is a receptionist in Washington, D.C. at a social/professional club with branches across the country.The general manager recently informed her that corporate wants every GM and his/her staff to make a video of themselves doing a dance from a pop song. She immediately told the GM that she did not want to do the dance because she felt it was degrading. He told her that corporate would order him to fire her if she did not take part in the video. He said she didn't want to dance she could be the "bitch" that the guy from the video slides between the legs of looking up while she stands over him. According to her he used the word bitch. She again made it very clear that she felt this would be degrading and she did not want to take part, to which he had the same response. The next week he approached her and said that the video was going to be made on Thursday. She replied that she wouldn't do it, and he told her if she didn't she should not come in on Friday. She called me hysterical right after and I don't know what her options are. Is there a potential recourse for this kind of treatment in the workplace? Just to be clear she was hired as a receptionist, nothing in her job description would lead a reasonable person to expect her to be made to dance for the entertainment of the club's clientele.
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