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  1. Hello. If your case was in Florida, you could expunge the record only if your case had been dismissed. If you pled no contest to a simple battery, you should be able to seal it - if adjudication was withheld, if you have never had a record sealed or expunged before, and if have never been adjudicated guilty of any crime. If the battery was a felony and adjudication was withheld, you would need to review a list of crimes which cannot be sealed before you would know if you are eligible. If you are eligible to seal your record, you can apply on your own by obtaining the forms and instructions from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) or use a Do-It-Yourself Seal/Expungement Kit from a Florida expungement attorney, or have an attorney handle the whole process for you. If you need help from the start, you can request a Free review of your eligibility. If you have your record sealed, Florida law says that you must acknowledge the arrest in the record in some circumstances and that some entities, usually governmental, can have access to your sealed record in limited circumstances. One of those circumstances is when you apply to purchase a firearm from a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer who must conduct a record check on you based on Florida or federal law. Please visit the Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services/Division of Licensing's website for licenses to carry concealed weapons/firearms. The site has applicationforms/instructions and a page with specific questions to answer about eligibility. Based on what you have said, if your case was a simple (misdemeanor) battery and did not involve domestic violence, and if you received "adjudication withheld", that case by itself should not disqualify you from getting a license, because more than 3 years have passed since your case was finalized. Here's part of the law: "The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall deny a license if the applicant has been found guilty of, had adjudication of guilt withheld for, or had imposition of sentence suspended for one or more crimes of violence constituting a misdemeanor, unless 3 years have elapsed since probation or any other conditions set by the court have been fulfilled or the record has been sealed or expunged." For purposes of this type of license, a "crime of violence" includes a misdemeanor battery. (Section 790.06, Florida Statutes) I admire you - raising your grandkids and returning to work! I'm tired just thinking about grandkids. Best wishes.
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