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  1. I live in colorado and my daughter works from 11:00 pm to 7:00am shouldn't she be getting night differential pay and shouldn't it show somewhere on her check stub her hourly plus night differential.And is it illegall for her employer to not pay her night differntial.And from what time does night diferential start and stop.thanks
  2. My brother is getting up in years and he said that he was going to give me the house when he passes.But my credit isn't that great and the bank would probably take the house because of my credit.So he suggested getting a life insurence policy on him so when the time comes i could use the money to pay off the mortgage on the house.I live in colorado and i was wondering what kind of life insurence policy i should get,and how much it would cost since i'm on a fixed income.Any suggestions would help.
  3. ok I'm done posting on this site.I asked a simple question,and all i get is somebody telling me to show proof to back up what i was saying so i put a link to that proof and you refuse to read it.You just keep spittin out what you learned in your high school civics class.People who just cruse through life with blinders on, thinking that everything is alright and never question what their government is doing, is why this country is where it is right now.The whole point to my original question was to get other people, such as yourself, to open your eyes and look at whats in front of you and don't dismiss it, because you don't want to believe that the government that you put so much faith into is broken.Well It's beyond broken and has been for a very long time.It's a corrupt machine that cares nothing about the people it serves. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women,when it dies there,No constitution,No law,No court can save it.
  4. It's not that i don't like the 14th amendment.I just dont like when the government takes advantage of the people in times of crisis to pass laws that bennefit the government and not the people.Such as the patriot act.Which totally throws the constitution out the window.don't get me wrong the 14th amendment does help people but it also bennefits the government a whole lot more.Sure the amendment made everybody a united states citizen with egual rights and protection under the law but it also makes every citizen responsible for the national debt.So everytime the government spends a few billion dollars on a study to find out why so many americans are obese guess who foots the bill.Don't you think that if the people are responsible for that debt, that the government should at least ask us if it's alright first, before they spend it.Dont you think that if there is any question arising as to the validity of a new law or amendment to the constitution past or present, that it should be addressed and brought to the attention of the people, because we are the ones that those laws and amendments effect. Well you see i have better things to do with my time then to write down in a concise and coherent manner everything that i read and where i read it.Thats why i put the link to the article in my statement.But you just dismiss it because it didn't get right to the point.What the article does is explaine to the reader in a concise and coherent manner the arguement as to why the 14th amendment was not properly ratified and should be void.But if you think that your oppinion is the right one just because you wont take the time to read the evidence that YOU ASKED FOR.then thats your loss.But why not take the time and read it and then form your oppinion on what you read.and then if you think it has no merit then thats ok at least you read it.at the very least tell me if you think it was right what the government did to get the amendment ratified. And i am sorry if i sounded a bit sarcastic but i get that way when a knowledgable person such as yourself says that they have better things to do with there time then to read an article about something that a person had an opposing oppinion on. here is the link againhttp://section520.org/14.html
  5. I am in no way racist i believe that everyone whether your a man or woman black or white has the right to do anything they want as long as it does'nt effect me in any way or break any laws. how can we form a more perfect union when the federal government is taking more and more of our freedoms away.they can listen in on our private conversations. who knows what else there doing.Do you disagree that the federal government has and is still going beyond it's constitutional boundries.the federal government has given itself unlimited power to look into the private lives of every american in this country through the patriot act.Which was rushed into law before it could be sufficiantly looked at by congress or the house.Now every body is guilty before being proven innocent.the federal government has been taking more and more control away from the people in the form of this bill or that bill to disguise what there actually doing.The people need to wake up and see what there government actually is.I'll bet most of the people in this country don't even know that we have been in a national state of emergency since march 9 1933.That means the the president any time he wants can seize property, orginize and control the means of production,seize commodities,institute martial law.Thats just to name a few.now i know thats the extreme end to things but the simple fact is that the founding fathers although not perfect wanted a limited form of government with the powers not expressly given it by the constitution to be given to the people.The government has found ways to circumvent the constitution for it's bennefit and thats wrong.And the blame for all this is the american people because we have become to comfortable and complacent to realize or even care what their government is doing.I hope everybody realizes that somethings wrong before it's to late to do anything about it.
  6. just because it's been apart of american law for 145 years doesn't make it right.click on the link and then tell me if you still believe the 14th amendment is still legalhttp://section520.org/14.html
  7. how can the federal courts which are bound by there oath to uphold the constitution keep saying that the 14th amendment is a legal amendment under the constitution.Even when presented with proof that it is not and never was legally radified into law.And how can we as citizens bring this to the attention of the judges who refuse to even hear cases regarding this matter.
  8. I agree with you whole heartedly but just as pataruntu said all the taxes collected that are supposed to fund all these programs are not being used for that purpose any more.All taxes collected go straight into the pockets of the elite bankers that run the private cooperation known as the federal reserve to pay off the national debt.Which can never be payed off.If we had a republican form of government, the way the founding fathers meant it to be, we would'nt have these problems.
  9. My question is more about congressional acts as unconstitutional.The supreme court found the national industrial recovery act as unconstitutional because the act impermissibly delegated legislative powers.So if congress cannot delegate powers given to it by the constitution, like the right to coin money,then why has'nt the supreme court found the federal reserve act uncostitutional.And if it is unconstitutional,like many people believe it to be,then what can be done to bring this to the attention of the supreme court,which i'm sure it has been already.I know that the question is simple in wording and the powers of congress and the constitution are much more complex.But i'm trying to learn more about what is really going on with this country then what they teach you in school.And the more i learn the less and less i like what the federal government has done to the people of this once great nation.
  10. I wouldn't actually be inheriting, he said that when the time came he would sell it to me for a dollar.Now since there still might be a mortgage when he sells it to me does the mortgage transfer to me? Because i know that usually when somebody sells their home they use the sales to pay the rest of the mortgage right? The reason i ask is because i wouldn't be able to pay the monthly payments of the mortgage to the bank and i dont want to lose the house. Does selling it to me for a dollar change anything as far as the mortgage goes.?
  11. my brother is getting up in years and he told me that i would be getting the house after he dies but my credit sucks and the bank isn't going to let me pay off the mortgage.I don't want to loose the house so i asked him if there was a way to have the house payed off in the event of his death.My friend told me that there is some kind of policy that his mother signed that in the event of his aunt passing that her home would get paid off and it would go to his mother free and clear .he wants to say it was some kind of quitclaime deed or something like that.Is there a way that this could be done in my case.I live in colorado.
  12. I live in colorado i have been trying to get a title for a 94 bronco.I did a title search and it said that there was a lien on the vehicle.I contacted the company that has the lien and they said that i have to contact the owner and get verification that the lien has been paid before they will release the lien.I asked them why they didn't know if it has been paid because the payments would have been paid to them.they told me that that was a long story and they couldn't get into that,which doesn't make any sense to me.So if i cant get the proof that the lien has been paid or hasn't been what can i do?.This vehicle has been sitting for atleast 5 years so it's been out of the system for atleast that long.Is there any lagal recourse that i have to get them to release the lien.Because it sounds like this company is giving me the runaround.Because in colorado if the owner doesn't get back in touch with me in 30 days i can get the title through the court.
  13. i live in colorado and i wanted to know if someone after agreeing to probation and then violated there probation could change there plea when they went back to court for said violation?.Don't you give up your rights to trial once you agree to the probation?
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