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  1. Too bad I don't live in the county involved, but it's for my own protection so my work won't be affected. So no point to trying to influence that county's vote past pointing this scam out to voting groups. Can you even appeal a case that wasn't heard by court due to refusal or defendant not served? Currently, lots of cases are refused hearings due to 'period of time for incidents' interpretation. The restraining order laws for Protection From Stalking is handled/interpreted by judges to be 2 year time frame in which 2 incidents of stalking or threats occurred. However, we have defendants bothering others for decades+ and even threatening this to face. Also have people bragging about being a mental abuser and doing third party attacks with strangers to land someone homeless to use for slave labor in this case, court still interprets this to be 'delusion of mental illness' despite threats to face. I'm sure this scam has been seen in this court over and over as court staff say 'this is handled different so get in here quickly'... Cannot get counsel in 2m population area even trying 4 times ... ACLU not interested.
  2. Where do we turn in judges with conflict of interest? Who does the DA answer too? Who does the sheriff answer to when it's department-wide problem (so internal affects is screwed up), Attorney General and Peace Office Standards and Training Commission? Who do I complain to about state Attorney Gen? THANKS!
  3. Definitely, SKIP THE AIRBNB that talk about new age or reiki...These are the WRONG people. No one will protect you and Airbnb doesn't care. But Uber has been under fire for leaving those accused of rape driving until arrested and detained by police long term... Many bad Airbnb look like farm or retreat/event center arrangement but is a predator, nut a bumb, a PREDATOR!.
  4. You probably want to know there are scammers selling books on how to screw someone into like slavery existence using mental abuse contractor access..Some of these don't even work for pay and spend most of day torturing someone mentally until they submit to demands, sex service is frequently demanded. Whole non-profit formation thing was HOT here for a while and all sorts of monied people looking for more opportunities and some bumbs picked it up...Seen all sorts of professions taking up the life coach thing too and all kinds of felon f-ups trying to profit off it too. My hometown is tough anyway with some falling ill after taking the office work. Office work screwing staff over and over at some employers. Didn't need another bumb trying to get anything off me. I HAD TO GIVE UP **EXCELLENT** JOB MARKET AND ABANDON THE AREA AFTER MEETING THIS SCAMMER. Any other defense suggestions appreciated. Stinks SO BAD when the politicians and authorities decide to keep these scams and run off the white collar business people...Some areas so bad, may be harmed into fast food work for staying around due to torture...Also have every stinking weirdo trying to get dates off working females who are alone and can be killed for remaining in threatening apartments alone even with good employment in 'nice' suburban area. Didn't want to abandon 'good city' work to return to my discrimination/scam prone hometown but no choice after meeting this scam. The 'third party attack' got BRUTAL after meeting with this scam and even harassed about private stuff and I'm a HIPPA worker from life/death work. I got ID theft from local business after this too so employment does worry me now. I don't think I can even navigate the courts to take any kind of injury complaint through the court system pro-se/alone...Only the restraining order for harassment is only thing that can BARELY be handled alone by plaintiffs but most fail as all defendants have atty. Legal Aide here refuses plaintiffs advice on restraining order for harassment/stalking. Politicians have not interest in tougher restraining orders. I'm already disabled for 10 years and in mental care for PTSD/insomnia so trying to use me is LOW! But I CANNOT get protection as mandated reporter by filing an adult abuse complaint about situation even when there are other victims complaining loudly there...Thought it possible to return to work FT UNTIL THIS BUSINESSLADY TOLD ME SHE WOULD PROBABLY END UP KILLING ME WITH THEIR PROBLEMS.
  5. There is local conflict of interest with sheriff and district judge about a local business person who is abusing locals into financial support and forced free labor support of her business. District attorney won't touch her either...The malicious intentions went decade+ on other victims so I'm motivated. This is also a situation with 'brainwashing' with the business person claiming she will provide protection to people for supporting her or torture her foes with 'third party attack' by strangers to land foes fired and discriminated against in their housing in order to bring ruined people back as slave labor on serve on her commune rural event center ...The terror campaign is bad one off threats made to employees & victim's face by multiple people on property. I entered mess myself in early 2015 when I accepted a volunteer marketing internship from this business. I tried leaving this go for a while after threats made to my face on this job by owner and drug addict felons on property, but it's just malicious intentions here. The job ad is still posted despite my complaints to the job board manager and this business person is still allowed Airbnb listing despite bragging from some of her drug felon associates (now claiming to be life coach btw but no medical training) that renters were mistreated long term after use. I am mandated reporter of abuse due to old social services work, so I did turn this into adult protection services and child abuse as the abuser is seeking elderly, disabled and underage for later use. Lady even found a postman for relationship to use so she can keep track of people who moved away to protect themselves & their family from this scam. I'm trying to go back through Kansas Child/Adult Abuse Complaint review process. I turned my complaints about sheriff into Attorney General who claimed this isn't a policing issue as I was never arrested. Attorney General said the Peace Office Standards and Training Commission is who to talk to. Their answer was 'we have nothing to do with these type of complaints.' Sheriff refused to take a police report on extortion attempt and threats until 2016 when local district court judge pressured him. I refused to talk to the sheriff at the time without counsel. I asked for accommodation to turn in my version of the story in affidavit and did so without comment from sheriff. I tried for over year to use a website to file police reports. My access code was canceled immediately. No one would return my contact attempts on this to fix this either. I'm 3 hours from this area. I don't feel safe going near this police department without counsel as this business person is bragging about using the police and courts to ruin other victims. Where should I complain about sheriff? KBI not interested even with HUNDREDS of victims in financial or labor slavery here. I did get court date in 2016 for the 'do it yourself restraining order kit' on stalking which just requires two comments or threats to be made to a victim. However, I got a gallbladder attack timed with the court date and needed 5 days in hospital ICU for recovery and surgery and did not fully recover for 6 weeks so unable to attend hearing. District court judge refused to reschedule the hearing even though I was inhospital and provided paperwork. I got a second hearing in 2017 but court was unable to serve this defendant...The judge decided to fine me for nonappearance which is unusual handling. Now in 2019 , I'm denied another restraining order hearing 4 years out from the initial threats. Kansas restraining orders are limited to 1-2 years so useless anyway...What is the right place to complain about court prejudice? Local District Attorney doesn't return contact attempts. No help from ACLU. Local attorneys don't want to get involved as just too messy an abuse situation for them too...Was told to file a workplace discrimination complaint on this one. But perfect loophole as volunteer employers may mistreat anyone they want. I even tried the health department for wrong kitchen setup for 'religious' institution she claims to run from this non-profit business. Fake non-profit complaint paperwork with attorney general was no use. Even the bathrooms are taped on property didn't matter. IRS tax review of unclaimed income not investigated. Situation did get me mistreated as this brainwashing situation claimed would happen to me...I do have a LOT of financial damages as situation affected my employment and discrimination started for me in housing... What would you do with situation? Who would you complaint to about this? Local politicians not interested... Similar scam is being run at other non-profit event centers in this area. Was taught as a way to support/protect a parasite situation with business owner who didn't work for pay and just forced community to take care of them. Life coach scam is supported by this as well with victims forced to do business where instructed to support illegal activities, drug addicts and welfare cheats in area
  6. I'm looking at purchasing a residential property. Looking around I'm finding a lot of people selling off their parent's home due to health problems...Most of these properties look really tempting like well kept up and nicely maintained, but I know there is more lurking here plus maybe POA. I do know the residence of someone who goes into nursing home on Medicaid has a lien put on it in most states. Only 'family' who owned the home lived with the elder as caregiver or personally disabled for a year before elder went to nursing care. I know most states basically own the former residences of elderly who went into nursing care on Medicaid... Okay, what do I need to know here as a buyer? If I purchase a house through a title company with title insurance, what is my liability here as a buyer? Could the house I purchased be seized from me by the state? Can another sibling of seller (different heir) try to claim ownership later? What happens when I only buy 1 year of title insurance and something happens later down the road on the Medicaid lien or a sibling arguing ownership? Would be helpful to know what happens with tax delinquency sales too on houses of nursing home residents if you don't mind...
  7. If no bankruptcy was involved, are debts that fall off credit report due to time passed reported to IRS as taxable income? How long does it take for Kansas debts to fall off a credit report?
  8. How far back does Medicaid look at recipient's asset transfer now when a senior is going into long-term nursing home care? I'm in Kansas.
  9. I own property I cannot sell. I was screwed by building contractor on repairs and is not livable. Very unlikely to recover any damages from contractor or local court...Contractor is neighbor and situation is not desirable for my family residence any longer. Property is located in Kansas. Will allowing the house to go into tax delinquency and sale on tax sale be noted on my credit? My credit is spotless so this is a tough screwing. There is no mortgage loan against house by the way. Thank you.
  10. Have situation where local sheriff has been bullied into allowing an scam to run locally for decade+. Situation threatens people to pay to be left alone or labor on a commune for free. Malicious intent is shown new people coming in off multiple online ads - including Airbnb. It went on so long the owners are bragging about being a cult. The situation has non-profit status too... Others involved state malicious intent has been shown most for 10+ years even. Local sheriff is refusing to take police reports or investigate. Court has been used to ruin multiple victims and treats the complaintants differently. State attorney general ignores this situation and hales from this part of state. Complaints on wrong-doing by this fake non-profit get nowhere...State Investigations Bureau does not respond. Local attorneys don't want to take on cases of threatened guests and visitors... What is the chain of command to complain on this type of corruption situation? Thank you.
  11. I am 1099 contractor. I do have an SPMI mental health diagnosis for which I'm on disability pay. Insomnia is only noticeable problem for which I need accommodations. Work had no stated schedule. Transcription files showed up and I completed them within 24 hours unless otherwise noted. I stated my schedule as 'available for 1 hour', yet no work was sent for days. I was not notified of a formal disciplinary action or termination. For days, I received multiple notices that employer wanted OT for kind of work I did. When I questioned, I've been ignored.
  12. I took an online job from Philadelphia PA based company. Work was withheld twice so I stated need for accommodations. Lastly, I got some sort of funky letter that was rude and slightly insulting but did not refuse accommodations nor fire me, then the work completely stopped. I think this got the discrimination started...Accommodation I requested was flexible schedule to deal with my hard to treat insomnia. I'm still on the schedule as available yet no work, but I get multiple notices daily of OT available for same work I was doing. I did get my paychecks. Do I need to talk to attorney in PA or can I talk to local attorney in Kansas on filing discrimination suit? Far as I know, all of my performance was satisfactory. Only got negative response on one project I did with specifics on how to correct my mistake. Was no threats of writeup or strikes against for for this bad project, just given file to correct. However, no answers when I asked for specific clarification on other projects and no positive coaching ever.
  13. Hello, I'm seeking to trade a home I own (which is partially gutted) GRATIS for a property in another state with different owner. Do you recommend a specifically drawn up contract by attorney to make sure neither party gets ripped off? Would you just handle this with two closing in different locations? In KS, almost everything is handled by title companies.
  14. I'm looking at Tax Delinquency/Sheriff sale properties in Kansas. I understand a quit-claim deed is given to buyer, not a warranty deed. Kansas tax sales are supposed to nulify any other liens present on the property except for HOA fees but some attorneys make this sound questionable. How long after sale can someone try to claim ownership of this property? How much time must pass before I can get a home equity loan against the property and title company will issue insurance?
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