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  1. thank you for the answer to the workers comp. question. I am being offered a benefit of 3 months wages and 6 months of COBRA., which is more than I expected. There were only 2 men in my dept and I had less seniority than the other worker- by about 2 years. Seeing a surgeon today to assess the injury prognosis. Stuck between Employment Security and Labor and Industries to decide if i'm able to apply for work or get Permanent disablity.
  2. if I sign the Release of all claims against company, does that close the L&I claim? can I sign the agreement and still go ahead with treatment under L&I?
  3. I lost my job because of department restructuring. I am a 61 year old male and worked in the shipping and receiving dept. for 10 years. I have an open Labor and Industries (washington state) claim from a hand injury in April of 2012. I will be seeing a surgeon for consultation this week. The Separation Agreement that I must sign for Benefits has a "Release of all claims " clause. My case worker doesn't believe my case "should "be impacted by signing, but i need clarification on this clause. The agreement must be returned in 7 days from now.
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