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  1. My home is in the middle of 5 homes either under construction, about to be or a house is being torn down. In Phoenix, AZ there is a city ordinance that states homeowners have the right to "free use of the property". Home construction is one of several exceptions to the free use ordinance. The jack hammer is in the front of our home and the earth mover is in the back. There is also the beeping of the trucks as they backup and endless hammering. We cannot open our doors or windows to enjoy the cool weather. We can hear it all over our TV. So even though the city made an exception for construction what about my free use rights? There has to be a reasonable compromise between the heavy equipment noise and my rights as a property owner. Or do the hard hats win? Thank you.
  2. I am not sure which forum is correct for my question. the grocery store has a hidden policy regarding their shopping carts. If the cart does not go through the check out line and it approaches the door to leave the wheels lock. There is no warning near the doors or on the carts. I slammed into the cart handle. My insulin pump was clipped to my bra. It cracked my pump in two places. I got the use of a loaner pump from the company. I filed a complaint with the store. A third part admin company contacted me. the adjuster wanted my insurance info. I declined to provide that info. Why should my health insurance pay when the liability is on the store? I will have to buy a new pump. the grocery store should pay for it. Am I wrong in my thinking? The store manager told me about the wheels locking on the carts. My husband and I shop together. We get 2 carts and each take half the store. We meet at the front and put all the groceries in one cart. I was taking the extra cart back outside to the cart area when the wheels locked. I want to talk to a lawyer. I don't know what kind of lawyer would talk to me about this. It's not personal injury but it is damage to my property. A brand new insulin pump, without insurance would cost over $4,000.00. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Thank you all for the info. I am going to advise the IRS of what happened. the goal would be to convince the IRS to conduct an audit. We had a plan to file a complaint with the Register of Contractors in AZ. About the time I was ready my husbands health took a very serious turn. Then after that it was my turn for a serious health issue. Sadly the law does not allow such excuses when a deadline is looming. I can't get upset about that now. I am looking for legitimate options now. Thanks again. Gish
  4. I must have been really tired. Of course Quantico is in VA. I am glad my son didn't read that post. I just learned more about Roe vs. Wade than I knew. Now Stanley vs. Georgia makes sense. In the privacy of one's own home porn is ok. Wild sex is ok (between consenting adults). Isn't Georgia one of the states that still has sodomy as a crime? Maybe they have revoked that law. Why haven't the pro-life folks (me included) filed suit on the issue of when does life begin? In our country we err on the side of caution to protect rights. No scientists or doctor can say with 100% certainty when life begins. Wouldn't the Supreme Court rule on the side of protecting life? Has this been tried as an argument for reversing Roe vs. Wade? Just curious. Gish
  5. Year: 2010. State: AZ Licensed contractor took checks from us (homeowners - HO) to pay subs and to purchase material. LC put the checks in his personal bank account. We were contacted by 3 subs who had not been paid in full. We paid them the balances. We were contacted by AC company because new AC unit had not been paid in full. We paid the balance. We know we didn't have to but we knew the contractor had already spend the money. We could not let the business/subs do without their money. Both of these situations occured after checks were written to contractor. We missed the deadline for suing in court in AZ. Is it too late to report to IRS that contractor had income that was not used for business expense? How do I find the statute of limitations, if any? We constanlty asked for receipts he refused to provide. I bet he cannot prove the money was for business expenses - and it was a lot of money. Our estimate is $30,000.00. That was the amount over the stated amount in contract. We have copies of checks, front and back, so we know the money was deposited into his personal account. The main question is: Since it was in 2010 is it too late to notify the IRS? Thank you for any help or suggestions. If I am dead wrong on this please tell me.
  6. I am not sure if this is the proper way to reply to the great answers I received. Thank you so much for all 3 replies. I do read case law because as a non-lawyer something that sounds like common sense does not work in the legal world. The worst example I can think of is Roe vs. Wade. I always thought this ruling was about when life begins. Nope I was absolutely wrong. I still do not understand how the case was brought under the right to privacy. This is case law that is interesting to read. thank you again for all the replies. I appreciate your time. Hello Retired in VA. My son, the Marine is at Quantico. Lots of jobs there that no can talk about. I know Quantico is not in VA but its close. VA is lovely. The history is amazing. Gish
  7. I enjoy reading case law on interesting subjects. However when looking for something very specific I have trouble. Here is my example: licensed contractor received money from homeowner to pay subs and buy material for remodel. Instead contractor used most of the money for personal use - paying mortgage and personal bills. Homeowner then paid the subs who were not paid by contractor. The homeowner paid twice for some labor and materials. I do not know the legal terminology to describe the situation. That makes research very difficult. Is it fraud? Or something else alltogether? Would a legal dictionary be a solution for me? Thanks for you help.
  8. Thanks so much for the answers. I appreciate answers to my questions and other questions I read. Go Big Orange
  9. I know my reply is late. I have been a type one diabetic for 44 years. My question to you is why aren't you managing your diabetes so you do not have problems at work? Diabetes while covered under ADA can be managed. Sounds like you need education about your diabetes. Be proactive in caring for yourself and your employment problems should ease off. good luck.
  10. How do lawyers reject potential clients with very few details of their legal problem? On many websites an email can be sent to the lawyer with little room for details. How do they know the case is not a good one?
  11. I have asked for validation for a medical bill in AZ. How are medical bills categorized for SOL in AZ? I have read AZ statues and cannot discern the answer. I know it is not a credit card debt. If it is a closed-ended credit contract is the SOL under contract or credit statutes? I knew I should have gone to law school. Thanks.
  12. In Nebraska an injured person only has 1 year to file a claim for personal injury. What is the reasoning for such a short length of time? If a person's injuries are severe a year might not be long enough to file a claim. I am sure I am missing something about this statute - maybe a year is not short. Thanks. I enjoy reading answers to questions, very educational.
  13. I understand that the "third parties" are not part of the divorce but why doesn't the ex have any recourse in Family Court to address her failure to comply with the terms of divorce?
  14. I have a divorce decree that states my ex is responsible for his business and it's debts (He owned the business himself - I was never an owner or an officer). I just discovered that he and I were sued a few years ago (after our divorce) for a business debt he failed to pay. I don't know why I was included in the suit. I was not served. Turns out he accepted service for me and the court went along with that. Now I find out there is a judgment, for his debt and I don't know what to do about this. I don't understand how a SC court can accept that I was served without proof of that service? When he was served, at the home we lived in, I had already moved out. I read some of the court documents on line. Why didn't the court insist on positive proof? I am mad at the court and of course wondering what recourse I have against him and the court system, if anything. Gail
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