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  1. Please contact a qualified criminal defense attorney to help you with these questions. A lawyer needs to know about the detailed facts of the case before answering your questions. Good luck.
  2. I agree with Tax_Counsel. Hire a lawyer to assist you in this matter.
  3. You can fight any ticket. Get a lawyer and let them do the talking for you. Good luck.
  4. "Detention" is a term of art. Detention can mean different things under different circumstances. Detention may mean one thing when analyzing a Miranda claim. It may mean another when analyzing a search and seizure claim.
  5. If he's lucky, he may end up in a Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (SAFP). SAFP can be made a condition of probation. It is a lock-down drug treatment program administered through the state prison system. The minimum stay is 6 months, maximum 12 months. Following successfully completion of the lock-down treatment, there is 6 months of "aftercare." SAFP is a haul. Good luck.
  6. I agree that most states have NO statute of limitations on murder.
  7. If the victim is concerned about the possibility of self-incrimination, then I'd recommend the victim hire a defense lawyer to help them before they answer any questions.
  8. In Texas, possession means "care, custody, control, or management." The law also requires that you "KNEW" you were possessing the contraband.
  9. Typically, if law enforcement prosecutes you, based on probable cause, they probably have immunity from any type of civil liability.
  10. I agree that only a qualified defense attorney, familiar with both the facts and law applicable to this matter, can answer your question. Good luck.
  11. Please do not post facts about your case on the Internet. Your posts can by used against you in court. Contact and hire a qualified criminal defense attorney immediately.
  12. The witness who called the police is all the "evidence" the police need to obtain a warrant.
  13. Since you don't have an "expectation of privacy" in your front yard, probably not. Again, ask your daughter's attorney.
  14. The most important thing your brother can do now is REMAIN SILENT and speak to NO ONE about about this case. Every conversation from the jail is probably being recorded. Only his attorney can speak to him! You need to interview local attorneys qualified to defend a murder case. Expect to pay a large fee and expenses. Act quickly.