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  1. Thank you for your advice, i live in NJ

  2. My investment property was damaged completly by fire ,which started from adjacent vacant building.5 people died in my building including children.The buildindg was inspected few months ago and passed state inspection and also passed section 8 ispection 1 month ago. Fire alarms were working (confirmed by other tenants and fire dept) fire passages were open .I did every thing in my power possible to make my property safe for my tenants. When the fire department came the hydrant in front of the building had very low pressure and they had to use the hydrant which was little further and that's how precious time was lost and by the time got the water it was too late. I am afraid i may get sued by surving relative,i have other assests in both our joint( Me and wife) names.Will it effect my wife 's share too. What should i do ,all of this happened because of somebody else carelessness.Where i stand legaly .
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