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  1. Awfully extreme? You have not looked at the entire picture for the unlimited uses a camera has opened up. Just to inform you, The cost was about $60 and it records a fantastic image video. It will record any possible accident and will be evidence in all cases that could prove innocence. It also records a possible road rage person, wreckless drivers, drunk drivers, hit and run drivers, thieves and scam artist, the uses are unlimited. Perhaps you should take a look at the multitude of videos posted on youtube of the reasons these cameras are almost a necessity in todays world. Your comment really surprises me sir, especially when our own governments, state, federal, local are all recording you 24/7. I spend many hours on the road at any given time and if I had a camera at the time I was stopped for a, so called minor traffic stop by a "police officer" having a bad day, I would not be going through the problems I am now. This officer would be at an internal affairs board meeting trying to think why he acted in such a offensive way. For the record, this was the first time I have been stopped in over 16 years for any kind of reason. So it doesn't always have to be a breaking the law situation that creates an issue mishandled by someone that is suppose to protect you. Though in this issue, it was an unprofessional servant of the law that had taken advantage of his power by having a piece metal pinned to his chest. You wouldn't happen to be a police officer would you?
  2. Did you sign anything releasing the damages to your property of the shop while in the shops possession?
  3. Folks, Adjuster Jack, Thank you for your information. Your idea seems simple enough and a phone call is an easy way to get immediate answers for my request., Tax_Counsel I want to thank you for your input on my request. The violation was in the State of Washington to answer Tax_Counsel on location and I will try and pursue the booklet for information. Your also correct about law officers not entering information correctly, AKA: lies. The officer was total jerk and lied right on the spot to fellow officers that showed up as backup to a non-combative and non emergency call. The officer created a scenario of distress to cover some huge mistakes he made at the seen. His call also went out to fellow shift officers after detaining me illegally in handcuffs without cause. So, I know the routine that a few of these unqualified officers can create to keep their jobs and this one particularly covered himself like it was written for him in a book. Some officers have no conscience at all to ruin innocent peoples lives. They are just protecting their wrong doing and the lack of self control on the seen. Thank You Sir for your response. Explorer13 Thank You for your input. This city in Washington evidently uses the sorry excuse that they cannot afford car cameras to be installed in police vehicles. This is a bunch of BS because these few officers that create corruption on the force would be thrown off the force if a camera was ever used to record them. This also saves the city money by creating a one sided decision almost every time for the corrupted officer's side. In my opinion and if I had it my way, officers would have car cams installed before a bullet proof vest was issued. The officers should have to pay for their car cams personally or at least have a non-hackable version of a body cam to record their activities. I now carry full HD 1920x1080 car cam video with audio in my vehicles and just to protect my rights against the few law and civil rights breaking corrupt officers. I have been doing some personal research on some random reports made by some local businesses in a nearby city that have been robbed for cash in the past. One business reported cash stolen from a cash dispenser type machine on their site during closed hours. It didn't just happen once either, it happen twice and strangely the same officer showed up at the site first in both instances and filed his reports. No cash was ever recovered or any leads found. No prints, clues, or evidence was located and case was closed as an unsolved robbery. What is strange about this is, in addition to the same officer suddenly appearing at the seen first both times is that the officer also has a prior DUI arrest on his record also. Thank You Sir for your response.
  4. Hello, I have a case where I feel that illegal or excessive force was used and possible civil rights were broken during a traffic stop by a police officer. I have been informed by an interested party about the case that I should file for a "Public Disclosure" of a "Use of Force Report" with the police department that was involved in this traffic stop. My question is, what do I need to do to file for such a report, so I may research the investigation information that is required to be reported in any type of traffic stop where force was used. I am unfamiliar with this process and how to coordinate filing proper forms or request and the department that I should make my request at for these records. Can someone please explain to me, what I am suppose to do so I may have this investigation information or start the filing for the procedure to get started for my case. Thank You very much for taking the time to view my request concerning this information. Brad
  5. I think that is what is going to be required for it. During the claim here in WA state I did get a lawyer to represent the case, but I felt he just didn't really put any effort into the case at all. The case ended up being declined because the injury was caused by a repetition of a job duty, but the repetition duty was not classified as a job duty when I was hired. The lawyer seemed to just roll over and play dead once he heard this was how I re-injured myself. I think he was hoping it would be a clean and cut case of injured at work, collect money claim. I gave him supporting evidence, but just could not get him to lift a finger. I am in contact with the mediator company that works inbetween the clients and the insurance companies of the intial injury. Company named *****, I heard bad things about this company when trying to get rightful benefits, but can't hurt to try. All I need done is the original case claim to be reopened at workers comp. The case has already been reconstructed from my records. We'll see what excuse is used not to honor it I'm sure.
  6. Hi, Here is my dilemma and request for the thelaw. Several years ago, I received an injury on the job and awarded a lifetime stipulated medical award for the injury. This covers me for life on the injury, only if it causes and is completely related to an additional injury caused by the initial injury. This was confirmed as being true in my case, which a knee surgery caused additional damage that now has caused me to require a knee replacement. This initial injury claim needs to be reopened, but finding the responsible party after so many years is not as easy as it seems. Anyway, this initial injury was silent for many years in my life after the operation I received. Everything seemed normal except for the occasional pain from the injury every now and then. It was nothing that couldn't be handled with a couple ibuprofen. By the way, this injury was a Worker's Comp case claim in California. Jumping into the present time, I was working at my job and a repetition of a job duty caused this initial injury to flare up to an extremely painful problem. I did not know at the time that it had anything to do with the initial injury, so I filed a Labor & Industry claim. I had moved from California to a northern state that injured work's claims are posted with L&I instead of Worker's Comp. I went in for an exam to have this injury checked and start my claim. The doctor took X-rays and advised me the left lateral knee joint needs to be replaced. The bill was sent to L&I for payment which was almost $300 and not paid. During this time, L&I assigned a doctor to recheck my injury, which is normal procedure. This doctor said that this claim cannot be honored on the grounds that this is a re-injury of a past claim. He said I needed to contact the responsible party and start reopening the claim for coverage. This sounded easy enough, but if you are ever in this situation, you will find out it is a hide and go seek problem of catching an insurance company to claim responsibility. At this point, I can't do much without locating this insurance company that is required to accept the responsibility for the original injury, but I continue to search them out. Now, for my FindLaw question...here is my request. I researched into work related injuries for the state of Washington. As I understand the wording of the law for this type of injury, L&I is responsible for any and all initial examinations for a work related injuries even if the claim is not excepted. The first doctor visit to be examined for injury becomes L&I responsibility, unless of course you are caught trying to claim a false injury. The laws are always worded so the average person sometimes doesn't have a clue what they actually are stating, but I read it over and over and it kept telling me that L&I must pay for any and all initial exams for injuries thought to occur at the work place, no matter what. If this is true, then they have caused an outstanding doctor bill to go into collections on me and the bill is still unpaid. How do I get them to accept responsibility for the initial exam I had to have for re-injuring myself. This re-injury of this first injury has caused me unable to work at this point and disabled. I receive SSA, but their date of acceptance does not go back far enough to accept this exam for payment. I really would like the ground facts on this type of case and not suggestions or maybe if you try this type of answers. I need confident replies that I can approach with legal standings that places L&I resposible for this initial exam I feel they responsible to accept and pay for. Thanks for viewing my request, B
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