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  1. Today I went to have my hair highlighted and cut at a salon in Mississippi. I have had it highlighted for over 25 yrs and wanted just the usual process that I always have, nothing out of the ordinary, just roots touch up. I am not from around here, but have used this salon before with no problem. When I was seated with my hair in clips and the gown on etc. the hair stylist gave me a clip board with a form to sign. It was a waiver to any liability on the part of the salon if anything went wrong including: hair breakage, hair loss, allergic reaction, damage to clothes or injury to me including damage to the scalp and a lot of other things I can't remember - it was quite a long form. It also stated that I agree that the results were not guaranteed to look as I expected and the salon was in no way liable for any mistakes or adverse results. I was uncomfortable, so I told the stylist that I had changed my mind and would rather leave. I said that I wasn't trying to be difficult with her and that it wasn't personal etc. if it was salon policy. She told me that it was state law in Mississippi that every salon must have you sign this form before they can color your hair or use any chemicals. I have never been asked to sign one before and she said that was wrong. I can't find anything online that supports this, all I can find is that salons can CHOOSE to require clients to sign the form, but not that the law forces salons to do so. So I am interested to know what is the truth about this before I go look for another salon. (The salon was part of a large chain with branches across America, I can't find any information about this on their website).
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