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  1. yes i have a workers comp now but its just for doctors visits. no loss of work pay or help with meds. i frogot to add in my first post that my whole leg ended turning black and green and swollen to a soft ball after 48 hours. and the company doctor saw this. and told me nothing was wrong. i feel that since im still in pain over this injury. i feel it was because of the neglegence of the company not helping me when i truelly needed the help to fix my ankle. now i think my ankles tissue or bone grew back wrong. i 6 months down the road and i still barely twist my ankle sideways to try and stretch it and shoots a horrid pain up my leg.
  2. First off, my name is Kyle. I was working night shift at the fabrication shop i was working at the time. and i was moving chains to flip over a girder, The girder was sitting on things we call Bucks. well i was stepping off the buck and i stepped on a concrete bolt that was sticking about 4 inches off the ground."i made sure to get a photo of it when i got hurt cause they groundit off as soon i got hurt to cover there butts" well when i stepped on it i rolled my ankle all the way over. it made three loud pops. Further my foot went the more it popped. it was such a pain i never felt before. in five minutes my ankle swelled to a baseball size."also made sure to get a pic of it." went to THERE company doctor. and she did xrays and told me nothing was wrong. and put me on NO restrictions. btw i could not even stand at this time. and it took me 6 hours to see her cause i had to wait for dayshift to come in, and then had to wait till her office opened up. so i was in severe pain. all she gave me was ibprofen. so by this time i was tired it was noon and i had to be back at work at 4pm. No sleep, came in to work with crutches"still couldnt put any wieght on it. my boss comes yelling at me saying i have to get off my crutches and come to work, we cant work with crutches in the shop. i was like cant you seem im in pain. they say doctor says no restrictions. after the argument i had to take a day against me off. next day still really couldnt walk on it. they stuck me in a walking boot and put me back on what i was doing.the company would not help me with my pain. well 2 months later they fire me. im still not signed off on injury cause i kept going for checkups. so i knew i had them from there but im still hurting. so i had to go back up to the company and force them to give me help. well they just kept letting me go to doctor. after a month relizing i wasnt getting any better they put me in therepy for 2 months. it didnt help. so here i am here and now still hurting in pain like 6 months later. btw i went to my own doctors and they told me to get off my foot and i have paper work to show it. i end up finding out that the doctor used to date the safty man for that company. many people can prove it there. so they had a conflicked of interest for me. i mean do i have a case at all. should oi even try to pursue. i mean i still have pain. im 25 years old and i feel like a 50 year old its hard to play with my little girl. and work at my new job.
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