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  1. Hi, The current USCIS Form I-9 expires on 08/31/19. I have reviewed USCIS's website and other resources for updates and I am unable to locate any updated information ; for example: a) When the new form is going to be available or b) Continue using the current form until XX/XX/XXXX. Does anyone have any updates? Thanks.
  2. Hi again, Thank you for the reply. Additional inquiry: I am looking for a State Employment Law primer book for all 50 states. Recommendations?
  3. Hi, Guidance needed. This situation is new to me ... My employer acquired another company in a different state. We are in the middle of hiring the existing employees at the other company. Their employees work in 2 states (AZ and CA). They completed the I-9s. Which location is to maintain the original I-9s along with copies of the IDs? Corporate or the acquired location? We use E-Verify. Do I need to complete the E-Verify? Also, what about the other documents: Employment Applications W-4s Benefits: Enrollment forms Disability forms W/C forms LOA forms FMLA forms Etc. Again, which location maintains the original documents and which location maintains duplicates? Should I get copies of the original personnel files, benefits files, etc. So I may maintain the history at Corporate? Or obtain copies? Next, the acquired company has a different name. Should the files from the acquired company be maintained at Corporate separately from the files relating to the Corporate employees? Does anyone know of a good reference book (primer) to get? If so, what? From SHRM? Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Quick question for employers in New Jersey... A coworker was reading an article recently that stated NJ employers are required to issue a termination letter to terminated employees. I have worked in NJ for several years and this is the first I am hearing this. So... When an employer in New Jersey fires an employee, is that employer required to issue a termination letter? If so, does anyone have a templated letter that they are willing to share? Also, what is the NJ statue that requires this action. Thank you. Barbara
  5. Thank you all for the replies. I found an attorney through Los Angeles County Bar Association, but I am unable to pay his fees! I cannot even bury my sister as I do not have the funds. To bury my sister would be at least $600. If I cannot afford that amount, how am I to pay $5,500+ for attorney and applications fees? This is why I need an pro-bono attorney. Anyone?
  6. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I will take all the replies under advisement!
  7. Thank you for your feedback, but it doesn't answer my inquiry. I need the link to the specific text that states when the effective date of coverage begins. In order to substantiate my point to "customer service" I need to quote the regulation. Anyone?
  8. Thank you for the feedback. I have to go to the Surrogate Court, not probate. I, already, reviewed the matter with the Bergen County (NJ) Surrogate Court. The person I spoke to advised of what I need to do. Sadly it is out of their jurisdiction. Oddly, I have to add I need a letter of administration to obtain copies of medical records. As for the collection situation, there is no lease beyond the eviction (indirectly confirmed by the Executive Director of the facility). My sister left the facility by the end of the April 2016, and they billed from May 1, 2016 through November 2016. How? Why is she liable? Otherwise, she was current through April 2016. Yes, there is a possibility of wrongful death. If they insist on collecting the funds from May through November, 2016, my sister would not be homeless and would not have been found unconscious in a park in Pasadena, CA due to bilateral pneumonia. On 10/06, she actually died in the ER, but was brought back only to be put on life support with no hope of recovery. If she had a place to live, she would have had a roof over her head, food, and not exposed to the weather. She would not have gotten gravely ill. There is a lot more details / documents that I have gathered. Honestly I do not know how the homeless manage! I give them kudos for their survival. I, also, give kudos to the folks in Pasadena on how they treat the homeless with kindness, understanding, patience and respect. This is based on my observations when I was in Pasadena in October 2016. Again, the above comments are based on the facts I have gathered. I understand that there is the possibility of additional information out there that I am not aware of. If there is, I will find them. Since my sister does not have a voice, I am her voice/advocate. Again, thank you for your feedback.
  9. Hi, I am in need of some help. My sister passed away in October 2016 in California. I am the next of kin. She has no husband, no children! She was homeless, no will and no beneficiaries. I live in NJ. My sister has not much money and a safe deposit box. I have been informed by the banks that I need a letter of administration. I found out from the Bergen County (NJ) Surrogate Court that I need to obtain the letter from the Surrogate Court in Los Angeles County. Upon review of the form, I go HUH? Can anyone recommend someone to assist with completing the forms. Unfortunately, I live paycheck to paycheck. So I an unable to pay, need pro-bono help! Slightly change of subject... my sister (same one as above) has a legal problem, which has fallen into my lap. So I need to find a pro-bono attorney to assist with the following: 1) to take legal action against a Senior Living facility for charging 7 months of "rent" and late fees beginning May 2016 to an elderly person after they evict that person, and then sending her to collections for non-payment. The elderly person had to vacate the premises by April 24, 2016. I have the eviction letter from the Senior Living facility, collections letter from a law firm and statement of charges from the Senior Living facility. 2) Should the Senior Living facility not drop the above legal action, I want to look into to possibly file a wrongful death claim against the Senior Living facility. The details will be provided privately. These are serious situations that needs to be addressed sooner than later. Please provide guidance and referrals.
  10. Hi, I submitted an enrollment form on 11/18 to enroll a former employee into COBRA for dental coverage. It is my understanding that COBRA coverage begins the next day after the qualifying event. So the last day of coverage is 10/28/16 as an active employee, then COBRA coverage begins on 10/29/16, The insurance carrier retro-active COBRA coverage to 10/01/16 because of the contract! Who is correct? Does anyone know the specific reg that confirms when COBRA coverage starts. If so, please provide me with a link that reg. Next, does anyone have access to Horizon BCBS' midmajor department? More specifically, a contact that I can file a complaint. HBCBS claims it takes them 5 days to complete a enrollment. This COBRA enrollment took over a month, which included several requests from me and our insurance agent, to finalized and I am not even confident that it is? Let's put it this way, it was one obstacle after another. Thank you.
  11. Hi, My company is revamping the disciplinary actions for health & safety violations. One of the disciplinary actions we are looking into is to send the employee home and deduct one full days pay. For the hourly, no issues. For the exempt - issues. I found that under the Federal Wage & Hour, it is okay for deductions from the pay of an exempt employee may be made for suspensions of one or more full days imposed in good faith for disciplinary reasons for infractions of workplace conduct rules. Continued violations of the same health & safety policy falls under this. The Owner of my company wants to know what is the regulation for State of NJ. I found out that it is okay to reduce the rate of pay as long as the employer gives advance notice. What I found doesn't address if this applies to hourly employees, exempts employees or both? Plus, it doesn't address the reasons why an employer may deduct from the pay. My request - Does anyone know which State of NJ regulation addresses payroll deductions for exempt employees? If so, please let me know which regulation. Thank you.
  12. Hi all, Thank you for the replies. Based on the replies, it is what I thought. Based on the documents I have on file, none of the plan documents address this scenario. So I have reached out to another source to find out more. I understand this is an unusual situation and something management will have to address. Again, thank you. Regards,
  13. Guidance requested... My boss and I are disagreeing on the waiting period for the scenario below: In 2012, we hire someone as a FT employee with benefits. The waiting period is 90 days. We offer her medical and dental. In 2014, she converted to PT with no benefits. COBRA was offered. Comes July 2015, this same employee converts back to FT with benefits. I say that this employee has another 90 day waiting period because of her conversion back to FT with benfits. My boss believes that since this employee already completed the 90 day waiting period in 2012, she doesn't have another waiting period. Our employee manual states: All active, full-time employees and their eligible dependents may be covered under the Company's group benefits program. Coverage begins on the 91st day of full-time employment. The manual does not address conversion from FT to PT back to FT. a- Does this employee have another waiting period? Based on her PT hours she will not be eligible for benefits. She does not meet the 130 hours per month ruling. b- How does the Healthcare Reform Act address this situation? Thank you for your guidance and input. Regards,
  14. Hi, Sorry if this is a duplicate .... having problems with my PC. Also, am not sure if this is the right forum . . . but here goes. My company is renewing our medical and dental plans. The census was submitted to our insurance agent on 07/11/14 (renewal date is 10/01). Today I found out that the census along with other information was submitted, but the insurance companies, including the incumbents, want the following additional information. 1) CENSUS ... needs to include the first & last name of each employee & must be in Excel format. (Note the census was submitted in excel, but Microsoft 2000). 2) Contribution Percentage .... The percent of contribution should not make a difference. However, again, without that they cannot quote. We can tell them whatever percentage we want as long as it satisfies the legal requirements. 3) Waiting Period .... The Waiting Period only matters to the degree: a. Have the same for everybody b. Ninety days or less My inquiries: a) Is or is not providing the employee names a violation of HIPAA? If so, how? How does the contribution percentage and the waiting period affect the premiums? Please note that the insurance companies will not provide us quotes, including the incumbents, until we provide this information. Is anyone else experiencing this? How did you deal with it? What is recommended? Thank you.
  15. Hi, We have been trying to speak to someone at USCIS for guidance but have not succeeded. It is our understanding that a student in the Post Completion Opt phase of her F1 student visa needs to complete Form I-765, which asks for an Employers E-verify identify to receive the EAD. However, we do not see it listed as a requirement to do work under the program. The information is conflicting. The regulations do specifically address the extension requirements in order for the student to get a 17 month extension. It is clearly written in the regulations that the employer needs to be e-verified. We think on the original application the student had listed an e-verified employer. The effective date of the EAD was July 21, 2013. We further think that upon her termination from her original employer she was probably required to file an amended form to list a new employer. Correct? In order to comply with the law, what do we need to do with the the Post Completion Opt? As for the 17-month extension for STEM? Since we are not an E-verify employer, what options do we have? The student plans on getting married to a US citizen. How does this affect the Post Completion Opt status. When the student gets married, what do we need to do? Any input is appreciated. Thank you.
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