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  1. Here is some of the information we need to answer your question: 1. How long have you worked there. 2. How many employees do they have. 3. Are you a member of a union. 4. Is this a private or government employer. 5. What state are you in?
  2. While it may be possible for them to be so reported, it is highly unlikely due to the shear numbers and the fact that the creditor may lose track of them when they go to collection agency. They fall off after 7 years in all states (except bankruptcy which is 10 years).
  3. Is she in a county jail, if so which county. Is she in state prison, if so which one.
  4. Depends upon what your lease says about utilities.
  5. Have you thought about picking up the phone and asking them. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that your wife is on an income based repayment plan and they are wanting to update her file and plan. And no they cannot garnish your wages to repay her loan.
  6. Depends upon the laws of Abu Dhabi. An American court would have no jurisdiction over the property of a marriage acquired and kept in a foreign country, especially when the parties never lived together as husband and wife in the United States.
  7. can he? I don't know his abilities, is it legal for him to do it? with his mother's permission yes, otherwise, no.
  8. Not everyone responds to private emails from this site
  9. I guess that the prosecutor was not ready to go forward with your and some of the other charges and he chose to dismiss those indictments. He is able to re charge you at any time before the statute of limitations runs out. Perhaps he is hoping to flip some of the others to testify against some of you in return for lesser sentence. This is all just speculation at this point, but bottom line, what he did is legal and is often done in big cases.
  10. First of all, depositions are not filed with the court. The attorney is allowed to ask questions about the incident, and about anything related to the incident and anything that might lead to discoverable evidence. If he goes to far afield your attorney will object.
  11. You don't get to pick and choose who responds on a public board. I am an attorney and everything that ElleMD said is correct.
  12. Not unless someone was adopting the child.
  13. Sorry Arkansas law, clearly unconstitutional. What do you think is unconstitutional about the other.
  14. What section of the constitution are you claiming the law violates ()not the SC law)?
  15. If the codicil is valid, no you have no recourse, unless the person named in the codicil declines to serve as executor.
  16. Here is the code of West Virginia: ยง61-2-7. Attempt to kill or injure by poison; penalty. If any person administer, or attempt to administer, any poison or other destructive thing in food, drink, medicine or otherwise, or poison any spring, well, reservoir, conduit or pipe of water, with intent to kill or injure another person, he shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, shall be confined in the penitentiary not less than three nor more than eighteen years. This is the only section that specifically mentions attempted murder. but I would suspect the penalty is in that range. It would also depend upon whether it is attempted first degree murder or attempted second degree murder. If your friend was just arrested, and he needs a court appointed attorney, I doubt there has been enough time gone by, to have an attorney appointed yet. That could happen at his/her arraignment.
  17. doucar


    What sort of repercussions do you fear? Switching attorneys happens regularly.
  18. doucar


    Why do you think there would be repercussions if you fired your attorney and replaced him/her with one you paid for? Public defenders have overwhelming case loads and I am sure he would be glad to get one off his plate.
  19. It would appear to me that your wife is at fault, she didn't keep a proper lookout.
  20. What do you mean "sign off" on your child support?
  21. "I was desperate" Just the person a used car dealer loves to see. From your description, I think you were as much at fault as the dealer. I know of no law he violated, but I do not practice in GA and I know of no other GA attorneys who post here. So you need to find yourself a consumer law attorney and see if GA has a law that will protect you.
  22. It most states yes, although I don't understand the question. Why would anybody buy a used car without knowing the price? Seeing the title would occur when you exchanged the agreed upon price for the title and why would you not get a carfax before you decided to buy?
  23. Based on what you posted, who knows. We would need a lot more facts to even begin to answer the question. First of all, who has a restraining or against whom. What are you prohibited from doing? Who are you prohibited form contacted. What parenting plan? What are the details of the plan as they pertain to you and whoever got a restraining order against you.
  24. Are they joint accounts or are they (only) in your husband's name?
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